Draw DatePrizeWinnerLocation
12/22/2017Day 12 PrizesJennifer WaltonIdaho Falls
12/21/2017Day 11 PrizesKevin HolbrookEmmett
12/20/2017Day 10 PrizesTyler DomenyBoise
12/19/2017Day 9 PrizesConnie LoperGooding
12/18/2017Day 8 PrizesChristy FyfeRexburg
12/17/2017Day 7 PrizesJeff MellorTaylorsville, UT
12/16/2017Day 6 PrizesHeather GustafsonBoise
12/15/2017Day 5 PrizesJune BolusBoise
12/14/2017Day 4 PrizesLola MillerGlenns Ferry
12/13/2017Day 3 PrizesGloria OrthWendell
12/12/2017Day 2 PrizesJennifer ArteaPayette
12/11/2017Day 1 PrizeDave GrywczynskiBoise
Important winner details: Winners will have 72 hours, after the date of the draw, to contact the Lottery for collection of the prize. Every effort will be made to contact winners by the phone number that was provided by entrant. In the event a named winner is disqualified or does not step forward to claim their prize within the required time, the named winner will forfeit their prize and an alternate will be selected. To claim the prize at the Idaho Lottery office in Boise (1199 Shoreline Lane Boise, Idaho): • Contact the Idaho Lottery immediately at 208-334-2600. • You must complete and sign a claim form and claim form addendum. You can get this form off of the Idaho Lottery website, ( • When you visit the Lottery Offices in Boise, you will need the selected ticket, claim form and government issued photo identification to claim your prize. To claim your prize by fax: • Contact the Idaho Lottery at 208-334-2600. • Sign and complete the information on the back of the ticket. • Make a copy of the front and back of the selected ticket. • You must also complete and sign a claim form and a claim form addendum. You can get these forms from the Idaho Lottery website ( or request them from the Lottery office. • Make a copy of your government issued photo identification. • Fax the copies of the selected ticket, completed claim form, claim form addendum and your government issued photo identification to the Lottery secure fax at 208-334-2391. Benefiting Idaho Public Schools and the Permanent Building Fund. PLEASE PLAY RESPONSIBLY