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Charitable Gaming

Meetings & Minutes

Bingo Raffle Advisory Board minutes for 9/11/2018

Time, Date and Place:

A meeting of the Bingo Raffle
Advisory Board was held by teleconference and in person at 9 AM (MDT) Tuesday September
11, 2018


Advisory Board Members in attendance:

Region 1 - Rayelle Anderson

Region 5 - Dennis Duehren

Region 6 - Valisa Say

Lottery Staff Present:

Jeff Anderson, Executive Director

Amber French, Deputy Director of Security

Vitek, Charitable Gaming Coordinator

Leslie Hays, Deputy Attorney General – Civil Litigation

Nick Warden, Deputy Attorney General – Civil Litigation

Advisory Board Members not in attendance:

Region 2 - Vacant

Region 3 - Shane Gehring

Region 4 - Amber Larna

Call to Order

Dennis called the meeting to
order at 9:05AM, and roll was called.

Approval of Minutes

Rayelle suggested revising the
minutes for the meeting in July and adding Amber Larna from Region 4 to show
not in attendance.

Jeff stated that there was not
a quorum so they could not officially vote on the revision.

The Lottery agreed to revise
the meeting minutes, but the minutes have not been recorded final. Move to next meeting for vote.

Statute and Rule Proposed Changes

Dennis asked for board opinions
on the proposed changes. Rayelle
requested the board discuss the proposed changes line by line, and it was also
stated that the Lottery drafted the changes discussed from the last meeting for
board discussion.

Rayelle wanted to discuss why
the previous regions were in place and why the board was initially
created. Amber discussed when charitable
gaming was first regulated by the Lottery, no code existed. During the code creation six (6) regions were
necessary, but now that charitable gaming is established a lot of the Bingo
Raffle Advisory Board code is not necessary and needs to be revised. Currently
the Lottery has a minimum of 2 touch points per licensed organization, a web
page with many ways to get information, and experts at the Lottery dedicated
strictly to charitable gaming. Rayelle stated if all the regions were removed
she would like to ensure that the board members would be evenly placed throughout
the state. Jeff pointed out that the
Lottery Commission does not have region requirements, however all of the members
from the commission are located all over the state of Idaho so the larger
cities of Idaho aren’t’ the only ones represented.

After much discussion all were
in agreeance of the following:

-political affiliation should
be removed

-remove all region requirements

-reduce the board from 6
members to 3 members

-reduce the meeting
requirements from 3 to 2 meetings per year that must be spaced apart or happen
twice per fiscal year. (Possibly one set in April for legislative changes)

-ensure that the members are
educated and active in charitable gaming and request at least 1 person for
raffle and 1 person for bingo on
the board.

The Lottery also suggested
board duty cleanup language to make board member duties more transparent. Everyone agreed.

No vote was taken since there
was not a quorum.


Rayelle inquired about the
current state of charitable gaming or any trends. Angie said nothing has changed from the
previous year with all activity close to the year before. The Charitable Gaming Annual Report was also
discussed and all reports are accessible on the Lottery web page. The report is published every year during January
and is submitted during the legislative session.

Next Meeting

The next teleconference will be
held on April 18, 2019 at 1PM (MST).
Angie will email all board members to confirm this date since many were
not present.


Meeting adjourned at 9:44 AM

Respectfully Submitted,

Angie Vitek

Idaho Lottery