ADA requirements
American Disabilities Act (ADA):
Under Title 11 of the Federal Americans With Disabilities Act, the Idaho Lottery must ensure that all of our products be accessible to individuals with disabilities. With this in mind, we have developed a plan, which partners the Idaho Lottery with our retailers to accomplish the goal of ADA compliance. An ADA Coordinator will contact you regarding reaching the goal of serving everyone in Idaho.
The Idaho Lottery assures that all Lottery retailers are in compliance with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) regarding lottery ticket access and purchase. We cannot issue a permanent license to sell lottery tickets if you are not in compliance with the ADA as it applies to access to lottery products. However, in certain circumstances a provisional license may be issued.
If you meet other retail application requirements and receive a provisional license, we’ll schedule a visit by one of our ADA Site Surveyors to your establishment. The survey will indicate what actions, if any, are needed to achieve ADA compliance.
Our goal is to help you achieve ADA compliance with minimum disruption or cost to your operation. The cost of achieving compliance with ADA regulations for lottery sales will never exceed 10% of your lottery gross profit in any single year.

If you have questions regarding your establishment’s ability to achieve compliance, please email: Angela Vitek, Charitable Gaming Coordinator/ADA Coordinator or call the Idaho Lottery Enforcement Division - (208) 334-2277.

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