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The BIG SPIN LIVE Promotion Rules

The following rules establish the requirements for participating in The Big Spin LIVE events:


  1. The Idaho Lottery (the Lottery) will conduct the BIG SPIN LIVE Promotion (Promotion) according to the rules provided in this document. The Promotion will be held between July 19, 2022, and a date and time to be determined by the Lottery.
  2. Amendments to these rules, including cancellation of the Promotion, may be made at any time without notice.
  3. Participants of the BIG SPIN LIVE Event will not be entitled to remain anonymous.
  4. To ensure you are reviewing the current version of the rules for this Promotion, obtain a copy by calling 208-334-2600 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Mountain Time, Monday through Friday, or by visiting: https://www.idaholottery.com/pages/thebigspin
  5. By purchasing a ticket, a prizewinner is bound by the rules of this Promotion.
  6. The Lottery may use, without limitation, an entrant’s hometown, name, likeness, and/or voice in any promotion, research, marketing, publication, or other advertising media including, but not limited to, the Idaho Lottery website and social media platforms, without notice, compensation, or additional release.


  1. The BIG SPIN LIVE event is only available to THE BIG SPIN scratch off game ticket winners whose tickets indicate they have won a BIG SPIN prize by the revelation of a “WHEEL” symbol.
  2. If a “WHEEL” symbol is revealed on the BIG SPIN Scratch ticket, the player should go to any retail location to watch the animated digital wheel spin reveal a cash prize or a chance to win an appearance at THE BIG SPIN LIVE event. On the animated digital wheel spin, the wheel stops on the winning prize. If the wheel stops on the “BIG SPIN” prize, a guaranteed minimum prize ($60,000) is won, plus an opportunity to spin THE BIG SPIN LIVE wheel (the “WHEEL”) for a chance at up to $125,000.
  3. Each BIG SPIN prizewinner ( Prizewinner) will have an opportunity to spin THE BIG SPIN LIVE Wheel (SPIN) to win a cash prize. The Prizewinner has the option to send a proxy in their place for the SPIN.
  4. Prize amounts on the WHEEL are as follows:
    • $60,000
    • $70,000
    • $75,000
    • $80,000
    • $90,000
    • $100,000
    • $125,000
  5. Winners of this promotion will not have an option to claim anonymity and will be required to sign a waiver and appearance release. Each BIG SPIN LIVE event may be selected to be broadcast on the Lottery’s social media channels. Refusal to sign the release or to participate in THE BIG SPIN LIVE event, will result in disqualification from any prizes.


  1. THE BIG SPIN Prizewinners must complete the Lottery claim form, provide all information necessary to contact the Prizewinner and to process the claim, and mail to or appear in person at the Lottery headquarters to schedule their participation in THE BIG SPIN LIVE event. Scratch tickets expire 180 days after the game ends and prizes must be claimed prior to that date. Lottery Headquarters in Boise, Idaho, must receive the completed claim form with all information requested by the last eligible claim date. The claim form can be found on the Lottery website. If the claim form and requested information is not received at the Lottery Headquarters, either in person or by mail, by the last date to claim, the Prizewinner will be disqualified from participating in THE BIG SPIN LIVE event. The Lottery assumes no responsibility for, including but not limited to, incorrect addresses, mis-delivery, late delivery, or failure to deliver for any reason for an item(s) sent pursuant to this paragraph by either the Lottery or the Prizewinner, regardless of fault. All risk of loss remains with and is assumed by the Prizewinner.
  2. All prize amounts are subject to Federal and State taxes, and any applicable debt set-off or state withholdings, as required by law.
  3. Once a ticket with a BIG SPIN LIVE prize is validated at the Lottery headquarters, either in person or by mail, the Prizewinner will be contacted by the Lottery to arrange a time to attend THE BIG SPIN LIVE event and spin the WHEEL.
  4. THE BIG SPIN LIVE events will take place at the Boise Towne Square located at 350 N. Milwaukee St. Boise, Idaho. The Lottery reserves the right to hold THE BIG SPIN LIVE events at a location other than the Boise Towne Square, as necessary. Use of the Boise Towne Square trademark for reference purposes only; THE BIG SPIN lottery game and event is not administered by, endorsed by, affiliated with, or sponsored by Boise Towne Square or its managing agent.
  5. At a minimum, a representative from the Idaho Lottery’s Security and Marketing Departments will monitor each THE BIG SPIN LIVE events (collectively “Draw Staff”). Decisions made by the Draw Staff, including decisions pertaining to the Spin rotations and prize award-landing positions, shall be deemed final.
  6. The Lottery shall provide each Prizewinner participating in THE BIG SPIN LIVE event with an additional $750 for miscellaneous expenses such as food, gas, etc. The $750 will be provided prior to the scheduled date for THE BIG SPIN LIVE event and will be separate from the Prizewinner’s final prize payment. Prizewinners are responsible for all expenses outside of this expense allowance.
  7. THE BIG SPIN LIVE events may be streamed on the Lottery’s social media sites and/or video recorded for future broadcast use with no further compensation to Prizewinner(s).
  8. Each BIG SPIN LIVE Prizewinner will have one (1) practice spin on the WHEEL prior to THE BIG SPIN LIVE event. When THE BIG SPIN LIVE event commences, a Prizewinner gets three (3) attempts to complete a valid spin. A valid spin consists of at least three (3) full three-hundred sixty-degree (360°) rotations of the WHEEL in a downward direction, as determined by the Lottery and indicated by the lights at the bottom of the wheel housing. Once the Prizewinner has completed a valid spin, no further opportunities to spin the WHEEL will be permitted.
  9. In the event the Prizewinner suffers from a disability or physical ailment preventing participation in spinning the WHEEL, the Prizewinner may designate a proxy (Proxy), or have one chosen by the Lottery to spin the WHEEL on behalf of the Prizewinner. Neither Prizewinner nor Proxy will be permitted to remain anonymous, and both will be required to sign an appearance release and waiver of anonymity. The Prizewinner and Proxy must be 18 years of age or older to be eligible to participate in THE BIG SPIN LIVE event. Any prize resulting from the Proxy spin shall be attributed to the Prizewinner and the Prizewinner shall have no further opportunities to spin the WHEEL.
  10. Prizewinners and Proxys will be expected to maintain an appropriate standard of dress and personal appearance. Prizewinners and/or Proxys will not be permitted to wear any clothing reflecting any logo(s) or inappropriate graphics, profanity, or political and/or religious messages. All attire must be approved solely at the discretion of the Lottery. Prizewinners and/or Proxies may be required to wear alternative, branded clothing at the sole discretion of the Lottery.
  11. The starting position of the WHEEL will be determined by the Prizewinner drawing a number between 1 and 20 which will correspond to the numbers on the side of the prize panels on the wheel.
  12. In the event the WHEEL stops in between two prize amounts, the higher of the two shall be awarded.
  13. Once the Spin has been completed and the results certified by Draw Staff, the Prizewinner will be provided with documentation to take to the Idaho Lottery headquarters to claim their prize during normal business hours. All prizes are subject to all Federal and State taxes, withholdings and debt set offs as required by law.
  14. At the sole discretion of the Lottery, if it is determined that the WHEEL mechanism has malfunctioned or is likely to malfunction due to a technical or mechanical failure, the Lottery may either declare a spin void and require the Prizewinner or Proxy to participate in a new spin or postpone the spin until such time as it determines that the WHEEL has been restored to proper functioning order. Any decision made pursuant to this rule shall be final and binding and without right of appeal.
  15. If a THE BIG SPIN Scratch ticket was purchased or claimed by more than one individual (a “Group”), the members of the Group shall either:
    • a. Select a single representative to participate in THE BIG SPIN LIVE event (a “Designee”). Once selected, the Designee may not be changed; or
    • b. Elect to receive the Minimum Prize.


  1. Any person otherwise prohibited from participating in Idaho Lottery games and promotions are ineligible to enter this Promotion.
  2. The Lottery, at its sole discretion, may disqualify a Prizewinner, Proxy, or Designee from participating in in any aspect of the SPIN if deemed or suspected, as determined by the Lottery’s discretion, that such Prizewinner, Proxy, or Designee has engaged or has attempted to engage in any of the following:
    • A. Act in violation of these Official Rules;
    • B. Act with intent to annoy, harass, or abuse any other person involved in the Promotion;
    • C. Behave in any unsportsmanlike, inappropriate, uncooperative, disruptive, fraudulent, potentially fraudulent, inebriated, or unusual or boisterous behavior or activity; or
    • D. Participate in any activity deemed to be generally inconsistent with the intended operation of the WHEEL spin.
  3. Tickets determined to be in a stolen and/or missing inventory status or not part of a valid sold or activated Idaho Lottery inventory status will be disqualified.
  4. Presentation of an illegally obtained Idaho Lottery scratch ticket is a felony pursuant to Idaho Code 67-7448(2).
  5. The Lottery reserves the right to prosecute and seek damages from any individual in violation of these rules to the fullest extent of the law.