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Charitable Gaming

How to Apply for a License

Do you need a license?


Raffle License Requirements: If your organization is holding a small raffle, you may not need to apply for a license. To determine whether or not a license is required, add the purchase prices (or fair market value) of all prizes to be awarded and if the total is OVER $5,000, your organization does need to apply for a license. Even if a prize is donated, use the fair market value to decide if a license is required.


Bingo License Requirements: If you are starting a bingo game, you may not need to apply for a license. If you will make OVER $10,000 annually, you need to apply for a bingo license. Most organizations who play a minimum of once a week will need a license.

*All unlicensed and licensed organization are required to follow all laws regarding charitable gaming.  Please read the Idaho Code and Administrative Rules to ensure compliance.

New License

Fee: The annual application fee for an organization applying for a Charitable Gaming License for the first time is $100.00. A check must accompany your application packet. Please make check payable to the Idaho State Lottery. This fee is non-refundable.

Print and complete all of the forms listed below (click on the form name to open the document).

How to get started

  1. Charitable Gaming Initial Qualification Application (PDF)
  2. Idaho State Police Background Check. You will need three(3) copies as this form must be completed by the President, Treasurer (CFO) and the individual directly responsible for overseeing the fundraising event(s).
  3. Charity and/or Non-Profit to Receive Funds. We need to know how the money raised from bingo and/or raffles will be used. If your organization donates money to individuals, list the names of the individual(s); if your organization donates money to other organizations, list those organizations; if the money will stay with your organization, list your organization.


In addition to the three forms listed above, organizations applying for a license for the first time must submit all the documents listed in 7a. (Tax-exempt organizations) or 7b. (Non-profit organizations) of the application. Failure to include these documents will result in an incomplete application and will delay processing.

Renewing your License

To apply or renew your license, please print and complete the relevant forms on THIS PAGE.

Fee: The annual application fee is based on your organization’s gross revenues from bingo and/or raffle operations during the previous year as follows:

Gross Revenue AmountFee Amount
Less than $25,000$100
$25,000 to $75,000$200
Over $75,000$300



If you have questions about this content, email avitek@lottery.idaho.gov
Angela Vitek, Charitable Gaming Coordinator
Idaho Lottery Enforcement Division - (208) 334-2277