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$1,189,000,000 returned to Idaho since 1989! VIP Club

returned to Idaho since 1989!


Team Lottery

  • Jeffrey R. Anderson
    Executive Director
  • Becky Schroeder
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Sherie Moody-St. Clair
    Deputy Director of Marketing
  • Larry Polowski
    Deputy Director of Sales
  • Tony Pittz
    Director of Lottery Security
  • Management Team
  • Marketing Division
      Name Title
      Sherie Moody-St. Clair Deputy Director of Marketing
      Kait Inman Graphic Design & Video Production Specialist
      David Workman Public Information Specialist
      Abby Flores Marketing Assistantv
      Cheyenne Boyle Social Media & Customer Marketing Specialist
      Cory Schreiner Graphic Design Specialist
  • Sales Division
      Name Title
      Larry Polowski Deputy Director of Sales
      Belinda Unger Sales & Key Accounts Manager
      Kevin Cope Sales Development Specialist
  • Customer Service
      Name Title
      Karla Graveley Customer Service Rep.
      Heather Dillon Customer Service Rep.
  • Sales Representatives
      Name Region Specifically
      Richae Boyer Region 1 Sales Rep. Richae services east Coeur d'Alene and north to Bonners Ferry.
      Zach Cantrell Region 1 Sales Rep. Zach services south Coeur d'Alene and the Silver Valley.
      Ronda Munsey Region 1 Sales Rep. Ronda services NW Coeur d'Alene, Rathdrum and north to Priest River.
      Kevin Nuxoll Region 2 Sales Rep. Kevin services Lewiston and the Lewiston/Moscow area.
      Heather Mather Region 3 Sales Rep. Heather services eastern parts of Nampa, Boise, and parts of Meridian.
      Justin Comnick Region 3 Sales Rep. Justin services Emmett, the Payette/Fruitland area and north to McCall.
      Sofia Korenek Region 3 Sales Rep. Sofia services parts of Kuna, Boise, and Meridian.
      Jill Hamperle-Frank Region 3 Sales Rep. Jill services Meridian and services west Boise/Meridian.
      Trista Hinkle Region 3 Sales Rep. Trista services central and west Boise.
      Kena Collins Region 3 Sales Rep. Kena services central/southeast Boise and south to Mt. Home.
      Marc Baisch Region 4 Sales Rep. Marc services Twin Falls, west of Twin Falls and Sun Valley.
      Holly Aamodt Region 4 Sales Rep. Holly services Twin Falls, central Twin Falls and Burley.
      Joan Bernt Region 5 Sales Rep. Joan services Pocatello to the Utah Border.
      Rhonda Brasher Region 3 & 6 Sales Rep. Rhonda services Nampa and the Nampa/Caldwell area.
      Coliese Hart Region 4, 5 & 6 Sales Rep. Coliese services Burley, Ruppert and American Falls areas.
      Amanda Mclean Region 6 Sales Rep. Amanda services west Idaho Falls/Challis/Salmon and Arco.
  • Security Division
      Name Title
      Tony Pittz Director of Lottery Security
      Monica Blackwood Programs Security Coordinator
      Michelle Emmons Detective
      Carie Peterson Detective
      Tina Miller ADA & Charitable Gaming Coordinator
      Michelle Watterson-Chapa Retailer Account Manager
      Maria Wheeler Security Clerk
      Aaron Cowlishaw On-Site Security
  • Accounting
      Name Title
      Ben Klotthor Chief Financial Officer
      Mary Holloway Financial Technician/Accounts Payable
      Kristen Anderson Accounting Specialist
  • Information Systems
      Name Title
      Joyce Mason System Administrator
      Victor Smith Senior System Administrator
      Luke Brandt Front End Web Developer
      Juan Aguilera Back End Web Developer
  • Administration
      Name Title
      Becky Schroeder Chief Operating Officer
      Gaby Perez Management Assistant
      Brian Elwood Research Analyst
      Joe King Senior Product Manager
  • Warehouse
      Name Title
      Jeff Haas Warehouse Supervisor/Lead
      Deb Sorensen Shipping and Receiving Handler