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Classroom Wishlist

Submit Your Classroom Wishlist!

Is there something you’ve been eyeing for your classroom? A classroom set of recorders? A trip to a planetarium? One of those big parachutes for gym class?

The Idaho Lottery wants to help!

Using the form below, submit your classroom’s wishlist and tell us a bit about your class. Starting next month, we’ll be posting a few projects each month on VIP.IdahoLottery.com where our VIP members will be able to use their VIP points to donate to your classrooms. Want to donate as well? Its quick and easy to sign up for our VIP Club – just head to VIP.IdahoLottery.com and start earning points on your Idaho Lottery purchases.

Wishlist Guidelines

  1. You must be 18 years old or older to submit a classroom wishlist
  2. The wish list must be benefiting an Idaho public school
  3. Please keep wish lists to under $2,000