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Funded Projects

Date: July 2023

School: Basin School District

Wish Delivered: Construction Material

This wishlist will give Fencing panels, posts, cement bags, and screws to help with construction of an enclosed outdoor play area. Teacher Mindi Gra says, “I have students of differing ages and ability levels in academic, social interaction, communication, and fine and gross motor skills. Our school needs a playground that our special needs students can use that fits their unique needs for safe, outdoor play."

Wish Amount: $1,930

Date: July 2023

School: Basin School District

Wish Delivered: Sensory Items

This wishlist will provide sensory items, STEM toys, playground equipment, games, puzzles, and books. Teacher Echo Davis says “The sensory items will help with the special needs within pre-k. They will provide sensory opportunities to help regulate emotions and the students learning process. Basin preschool is tuition free and one of the longest running and most successful preschools in Idaho. That being said, the equipment needs to be replaced, books, puzzles and new toys are also desperately needed.

Wish Amount: $2,353.80

Date: July 2023

School: Basin School District

Wish Delivered: Storage Solution

This wishlist will provide wire racking, shelving and hangers to support a Donated area for students. “With your donation, we will be able to store donated food/toiletries/clothing on these shelves creating a food pantry for our financially insecure students in the Basin School district. This will help our students to better focus on learning vs their empty, aching stomachs or a wet clothes.

Wish Amount: $2,000

Date: May 2023

School: Mary McPherson Elementary School

Wish Delivered: Craft Supplies

This wishlist will provide craft supplies and ice packs for teacher Tina Kohli. She plans to use these to further crafts in her room as well as keeping first aid on hand in the classroom to cut down on the number of visits to the nurses office.

Wish Amount: $48

Date: May 2023

School: Columbia High School

Wish Delivered: Laptop Charging Tower

This wishlist will purchase a Laptop charging tower for teacher Daniel Young. He says “ With our students using their laptops every class period, they are constantly needed to charge them. With 36+ kids in a single class, it's impossible for every student to sit by an outlet. This will allow me to place a charging station in the center of the room, giving outlet access to every student in the room, wherever they sit. Allowing for less distractions of students moving all around, and more time to focus on their work.”

Wish Amount: $430

Date: May 2023

School: Middleton High School

Wish Delivered: Classroom Supplies

This wishlist will help teacher Patricia Brown purchase supplies needed such as folders, paper, classroom décor and organization as well as a subscription to an educational magazine resource. Ms. Brown says “ Our students have smaller classes on campus, with fewer to a class, but teachers do not have many basic supplies without spending personal funds. These items on the list are needed in the classroom for filing and storing curriculum. Web based education sites cost teachers annually, and Education.com and National Geographic for kids are excellent supplemental sites, which have many visual resources our students need to learn and expand on their Life Skills needs, functional projects, literature and common general education courses are covered by Education.com, as well as National Geographic.”

Wish Amount: $200

Date: May 2023

School: Middleton High School

Wish Delivered: Business start-up

This wishlist will purchase the supplies needed to start a school based business, including a square card reader, Ipad, and Cash Drawer. Teacher Holly Allison says “The Middleton High School Extended Resource Room is starting a school-based business called Valhalla Cravings. We will be selling cold (sugar-free) drinks and popcorn. We are in need of a cash register with a debit card feature. Thank you so much!”

Wish Amount: $600

Date: May 2023

School: Sweet Montour School

Wish Delivered: Chairs

Teacher Deanna Richards says “My chairs in my classroom are falling apart. They are almost 20 years old. They are mismatched and rocky. Since I teach a multiage classroom, I need chairs that can grow with students for 2 years. These chairs would be more comfortable for my students and stack easily for clean-up. The district doesn't always have money for new chairs, since there are more pressing needs (e.g., holes in windows, torn carpets). Research shows that when a student can sit comfortably one of their basic needs is being met, therefore they can now focus on learning, not falling.”

Wish Amount: $2015.52