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Classroom Wish Lists

Date: August 2022

School: Sawtooth Middle School (Meridian)

Wish Delivered: IBOB Book Sets 

“Last school year, our Library and Media Center hosted a group of 24 6-8 grade student participants in the program. Students met weekly in the library for quiet reading, formed small groups to discuss the main idea, characters, and plot of each title, set reading goals, and participated in the Treasure Valley Tournament in the Spring of 2022. This program encourages literacy, retaining details, and leadership.”

Wish Amount: $588

Date: July 2022

School: Webster Elementary School (Lewistown)

Wish Delivered: Boogie Boards- Teacher 

Williams says that these are “A less messy way vs. white boards to share our learning and thinking, plus it’s engaging to the students.”

Wish Amount: $432

Date: July 2022

School: Mcsorely Elementary School (Lewistown)

Wish Delivered: IXL Subscription

Teacher Thompson says “I am looking to continue using a program that I have implemented in my classroom for the last two years. It typically runs about $600 per year which I have paid mostly out of my own pocket, or from family members that have donated. I will be working with more students this year, so I am trying to find alternative funding sources.”

Wish Amount: $3450.00

  1. Date: July 2022
  2. School: Betty Keifer Elementary School (Rathdrum)
  3. Wish Delivered: Kindergarten Interactive Classroom Games
  4. Wish Amount: $4202.07

  1. Date: July 2022
  2. School: Tyhee Elementary School (Pocatello)
  3. Wish Delivered: Flexible Seating 
  4. Wish Amount: $1939.73