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Funded Projects

Date: November 2022

School: Timberline Elementary and Junior Senior High (Weippe)

Wish Delivered: Set of SIPPS Intervention Package

Teacher Katrina Morris says “We are a rural low-income Idaho school with a vast array of needs because of our k-12 population. This reading intervention kit would fit the needs of our student population from kindergarten through 12th grade. I am in a newly created position of k-12 reading and math interventionist. While it is challenging to find a program that could possibly help students from kindergarten through 12th grade, I believe this could help all of our struggling readers."

Wish Amount: $3,075

Date: November 2022

School: Preston High School (Preston)

Wish Delivered: Sensory friendly Classroom Supplies

Teacher Melissa Hodgkiss says “I work in a Special Education High School Resource Room. I teach SPED English and Study Skills. I teach 14-18 year olds. Most of my list consists of flexible seating options. In special education we have a wide range of exceptionalities. I would love to have many seating options for my students that can help them wiggle to sitting still. I believe if a student is comfortable in their environment, they will be engaged, learn, and work.

Wish Amount: $2,792.73

Date: November 2022

School: Project Impact STEM Academy (Meridian)

Wish Delivered: STEM Supplies

"This wishlist will provide several STEM project items as well as art supplies... My classes focus on science linked maker’s space, design art, art technology, careers, and digital publishing. PiSTEM as a school focuses on the future of Idaho's students, careers, and industry connections through project based experiential learning opportunities and community connections."

- Teacher Lori Brenneman

Wish Amount: $2212.27

Date: November 2022

School: Desert Sage Elementary School (Boise)

Wish Delivered: Science of Reading Program Supplies

This Wishlist will provide STEM focused books as well as learning manipulatives. There are manipulatives to help with vocabulary, phonics, and phonemic awareness. 

"Encoding is just as important as decoding so I added items to help not only my students this year, but future students learn to both read and write. I feel that as a teacher it is crucial that children learn these skills from an early age." - Teacher Nicole Nestler

Wish Amount: $2100

Date: October 2022

School: Spalding STEM Academy (Boise)

Wish Delivered: Wiggle Chairs

This Wishlist will provide two sets of wiggle seats for Teacher Kristi Kovals classroom she says “Students wills use these wiggle chairs as an alternative seating option in my room to improve focus and attention.”

Wish Amount: $120

Date: October 2022

School: Central Canyon Elementary (Caldwell)

Wish Delivered: Classroom Furniture and Supplies

First year teacher Talon Sudbeck says "With this grant, I hope to provide my Kindergarten class a fun and safe environment where they can grow emotionally and academically. As I strive to create a group of students who will become adults who will be influential citizens, great neighbors, and successful in whatever path in life they choose.”

Wish Amount: $5,232.23

Date: October 2022

School: Marsh Valley High School (Arimo)

Wish Delivered: Lab Supplies

This Wishlist will provide necessary lab supplies including hot plates, Bunsen burners and hoses, magnetism kit and TV monitor. Teacher Marilyn Mikkelson says “So much of my equipment is either very, very old (hot plates) or I don't have the equipment needed to teach. This would help me so much teaching Labs in science."

Wish Amount: $4,459.49

Date: September 2022

School: Burton Elementary School (Rexburg)

Wish Delivered: Books

Carrie L Kostial says that through this Wishlist she will be opening the variety of books in her classroom by "adding fiction, non-fiction, and cross-curricular books into her classroom library."

Wish Amount: $199