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Funded Projects

Date: December, 2023

School: New Plymouth Elementary

Wish Delivered: Classroom Organization Supplies

Teacher Felicity Steer says “I am asking for some help organizing my classroom for my students. I have a class full of active and vibrant third graders. Since I value collaboration, I have chosen to move away from desks and now have tables in my classroom. I have seen great success with student engagement, but we are lacking in organization. The room often feels messy as we simply do not have places to put their materials now that there are no desks... When your environment looks and feels chaotic, it is hard to focus and work hard. With the absence of desks in my classroom and introduction of tables, there simply isn't a place for students to put their supplies. With the purchase of my Wishlist items I will be able to give my students a peaceful classroom environment."

Wish Amount: $579.25

Date: December, 2023

School: Park Intermediate School

Wish Delivered: Math and Art Supplies

Teacher Mari Cluff says "My special education students range from 9-11 years in physical ages, but anywhere from pk-3rd grade in their cognitive abilities. I teach reading, writing, and math in the resource room, teach self-help/life skills and social emotional learning in the extended resource room, that all happens to be in the same physical location. Since I have such various learners, the need for curriculum supports, games, and such have a very large span. I also have a couple of students with physical limitations. This can make getting them down the very large hill our school is housed on, and to community/school events when bussing is not available, very tricky... They are small in stature and having a wagon that I can push/pull them in, will allow them to participate in all our walking field trips with their classes."

Wish Amount: $1,971.00

Date: December, 2023

School: Lewis and Clark Elementary

Wish Delivered: Class Sets of Books

This Wishlist will buy Class sets of books for William Mettingers class. He says “We are participating in the Idaho Kids Vote book club. This will allow every kid to have their own copy as we read, and they can also keep this book after reading it.”

Wish Amount: $425.10

Date: November, 2023

School: Lake Hazel Middle School

Wish Delivered: Book Covers

This Wishlist will help buy several different sizes of book covers. Librarian Karen Stahlecker says “ The average age of our collection is 2007 and the number of items per student is approximately 8 books per student. We have been working on updating and improving our selection of books over the past few years. We are fortunate enough to be receiving a grant to purchase new books for our library, unfortunately we can only spend a small percentage on processing these new books. Buying paperback books will increase the number of books we can add to our collection. Paperback books are not as durable as library bound books, but they are considerably less expensive. The Kapco Easy Cover II book covers are a life-giving gift to paperback books and will increase the lifetime of each paperback. These covers will protect the books from damage as students are carrying them from place to place and as they enjoy reading the stories.”

Wish Amount: $884.00

Date: November 2023

School: Centennial High School

Wish Delivered: General Supplies

This Wishlist will purchase classroom supplies for a high school Special Education Classroom. Teacher Jennifer Fonnesback says “I previously taught Special Education for over 20 years in the elementary school setting. This past year, I decided to move to the high school level to continue to teach Special Education in grades 9-12 and was surprised with the lack of supplies for students to use within the classroom setting. All items I had purchased over the years I left at the elementary school to allow the program to continue with the needed materials. The high school setting is considerably different than elementary, and students do not have the same access to materials as they do in an elementary environment. Purchasing materials such as markers, crayons, pencils, index cards, scissors, etc. will allow students who attend my classroom to have access to items to complete their work.

Wish Amount: $500.00

Date: November 2023

School: Syringa Middle School

Wish Delivered: Craft Supplies

Ms. Meeker says empowering creativity through multimedia education in Middle School. At first glance, this list may look chaotic and unorganized. To be honest, that is how my classroom can look when the students are using the items on it. The chaotic scene in the class results from a mix of craft supplies, technology, and resource materials. All these items, from clay to Ipads, are used to express and animate students' ideas. Amidst paints, glues, and wires, I witness innovative minds unfolding in a cacophony of sounds and faces lit up with 'Aha!' moments when young minds are offered an extraordinary opportunity for self-expression and creativity. This class stands out amidst a traditional academic curriculum and remains a cherished memory for many former students. The dynamic nature of this class fosters student self-expression and learning, especially when things get messy.

Wish Amount: $5945.09

Date: November, 2023

School: Riverside Elementary

Wish Delivered: Physics Class Supplies

Teacher Jennifer Capell says "This Wishlist will purchase a classroom set of 30 desks and chairs so students can work collaboratively. Right now, I have desks of all sizes and shapes and they do not match up (are older) well to collaborate. I got the old, mismatched desks and chairs from the district. I have been an administrator for the past four years and have given most of my supplies away to teachers who were in need. Now I am back in the classroom and need supplies. Some of the supplies are countdown timer for all to see on the white board, and reusable dry erase pocket sleeves with markers to use them with. I believe that students need art and science as well as reading, math, and written language."

Wish Amount: $5,208.00

Date: November 2023

School: Frontier Elementary

Wish Delivered: Classroom supplies

Ms. Wieland says "I am so lucky that I come from 3 generations of teachers! I am not going to lie, I shied away from teaching, especially when all my siblings are also in the education field. It took volunteering in my children’s classrooms to realize I would love it. After getting a teachers aid job to finish my degree, and some nudging from my coworker reaffirming that I could do this, I did it. 10 years later here I am and still loving my job! One of the constants in my job is that not much stays constant. It is always changing, and I am learning that there are always better ways to help my students!"

Wish Amount: $1,422.15