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returned to Idaho since 1989!


Claim Winnings

How to Claim Your Prize

If you are an Idaho resident or just happen to be in the state of Idaho, you may claim your prize of $599 or less at any Idaho Lottery retail location. Locate a retailer near you.

If you live outside of Idaho you may claim your winnings of any dollar amount through the mail.  A Winning Ticket Claim form is ONLY necessary if you have a single ticket prize over $599.  If you are mailing a ticket under that amount, please just fill out the back of your ticket with your name address and signature and mail it to the address below.

You may claim your prize by either mailing us your ticket and the CLAIM FORM or stop in to the Idaho Lottery headquarters.

Instructions to redeem your winning ticket by mail:

  1. Sign your name and write your address on the back of your ticket.
  2. Print and fill out the CLAIM FORM if your prize is $600 or more.
  3. Include a copy of your driver’s license or government issued photo ID.
  4. Make a photocopy of the claim form AND your winning ticket. Be sure to COPY BOTH THE FRONT AND THE BACK SIDES OF YOUR TICKET. Keep the photocopy of the completed form and ticket for your records.
  5. Include original ticket (not the photocopy) with the completed claim form.

Mail the completed form and your ticket to:


P.O. Box 8687

Boise, ID 83707

If you are sending your ticket and claim form overnight, please send to the following street address:


1199 Shoreline Lane, Suite 100

Boise, ID 83702

If you do not completely answer all of the information sought by the form, IT WILL BE RETURNED TO YOU FOR COMPLETION.

The Idaho Lottery cannot redeem any ticket(s) that have not been signed by the prize winner.

You must fill out a claim form for each eligible winning ticket of $600 or more. CLAIM FORM.

Important Tax Information:

Those who have won thousands or millions of dollars in the Lottery know that 24 percent federal tax withholding and 6 percent Idaho state tax withholding is taken out of winnings. If $600 or more is won on a single wager, the Lottery is required to report those winnings to the IRS. The Lottery is not qualified to give advice on matters regarding taxation. Players are encouraged to consult a tax professional in this matter. For assistance on your taxes, call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 or visit www.irs.gov.