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Funded Projects

Date: February 2024

School: Shoshone Elementary

Wish Delivered: Writing Program

Teacher Jandi Platz says "This writing program will greatly impact the students in my classroom. The writing curriculum that is currently being used in the classroom is far too advanced for the level of writing that my students are at. I teach at a Title 1 school with a high ELL population. I need to be able to meet students where they are at with their writing skills and support them to develop those skills. I feel that this program will help me to do that. On the other end of the spectrum, I have some advanced writers. I can easily differentiate this program to further support their writing skills too."

Wish Amount: $1,158

Date: January 2024

School: Birch Elementary

Wish Delivered: Books

Teacher Kari Nunez says "As a fourth grade teacher, it is my job to teach students to use comprehension strategies to understand grade level text. My goal is to use highly engaging stories to make students into lifelong readers and learners. If I were to get this Wishlist fulfilled, I would share these books with the four other 4th grade teachers at my school for students to use for many years to come. I teach in a title 1 school and many students come from families where money is used to provide basic needs. Access to books is limited to what I have in my classroom and the two books that they can check out from the school library. The best part of my day is listening to students read and share their ideas about what we are reading"

Wish Amount: $1,012.80

Date: January 2024

School: Sawtooth Elementary School

Wish Delivered: Accelerated Reading Program

Teacher Mary Rios says " Creating a culture of reading in my classroom, along with the other seven educators at my school, is top priority. This program promotes the power of choice, by allowing the students to choose a book of their liking out of 220,000 different books. They can read these books at home and at school. The overall goal is to promote reading, in which they will be doing the rest of their life. This program allows students to set goals based on their current reading levels, and the students take quizzes on the books that they have read, in order to earn points."

Wish Amount: $3,217.53

Date: January 2024

School: I.B. Perrine Elementary 

Wish Delivered: School Supplies & Seating

Teacher Leslie Sackmaster says "I teach STEM and social emotional learning in the Learning Lab. I have students from K all through 5th grade. There is no budget set aside for my class and I am forced to buy all supplies myself. The students could really use crayons, colored pencils, and markers for day to day use. The Julia Cook books are amazing for teaching the social emotional lessons I am trying to teach. Our littles have trouble sitting still quite a bit so alternative seating is a big deal and having these choices would definitely help keep their focus on the tasks at hand."

Wish Amount: $1,357.86

Date: January 2024

School: Hayden Canyon Charter

Wish Delivered: Digital Cameras and case

Teacher Leora Sanford says "We are school who does a lot of outdoor education and project-based learning. This past fall, in Science, we had to use our 5 Ipads to take photos of local ecosystems and interactions of species in the forest to collect data, but the Ipads are not compatible with our Chromebooks so transferring the images was very challenging and time-consuming, and the quality of the images didn't allow for us to identify the local species adequately. We were also limited on the number of Ipads that students could use; 5 made it a challenge for all 28 students to document their own data."

Wish Amount: $5,801.84

Date: January 2024

School: Priest River Lamana High School

Wish Delivered: Science Department Supplies

Teacher Kimberly Colombini says " As Forensics is a relatively new class, many of the most basic items for crime scene recreation and evaluation are in the highest need of materials. For Biology, our students have found an interest in microscopic objects, with this wishlist our students would be able to incorporate new microscope slides into the pre-existing bank of interesting items to observe. Some of which include frog skin slides, basswood root slides, staphylococcus slides, and amphiuma liver slides. A lab that tends to stick in my sophomore student's memory is our collection and evaluation of our school pond. We use gloves, syringes, and micropipettes to collect and look at the microorganisms living on campus. As you can see, not only do these supplies aid in educating our youth, they also contribute to the fun and entertainment of engaging and participating in school."

Wish Amount: $5,144.85

Date: January 2024

School: Washington Elementary 

Wish Delivered: Science Books

Teacher Hallie Reikowsky says " We would like to build a unique library to access information including ecology, biology, civic leadership, forestry, and many other scientific branches. Students will engage in group research projects and present information on a chosen outdoor leader. The research will be presented in the form of a “wax museum” where one student pretends to be a wax statue based on the person they study, and the other students walk around the “museum” and push “buttons” by each “statue”- making it come alive to report their personal history as a leader in our nation! The books proposed will also be utilized for early learner literacy skills including retelling stories and topics with our much loved puppets! We hope to begin this project after this coming Winter Break."

Wish Amount: $625.14

Date: January 2024

School: Sandpoint High School

Wish Delivered: Basic Supplies

Teacher Allison Sletagers says "I have students in freshman English, Pre-AP, and AP Literature and Composition (seniors). My Wishlist includes some basic classroom materials that I go through quickly, but it also includes a long list of books that I would love to have in my classroom. I am currently trying to create a classroom library. Because we are in a small town we only have our school library and our one public library for our students to check out novels from. Sadly, our school library has not updated its selection of novels for quite some time. This makes it difficult for students to find novels to read without having to purchase them. I want to create a classroom library so that students can check out novels directly from me. I am hoping to instill a love of learning and reading in my students. I would love to have novels readily available to them.”

Wish Amount: $706.37