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Classroom Wish Lists

Van Buren Elementary


Van Buren’s Aimee Stacy said, “In the current uncertain times, my adaptable 5th grade students are truly my heroes. They handled the transition to distance learning with grace and perseverance.”

Priest River Elementary


From Priest River Elementary’s Elanna Philipoff: “Many of my students lack internet access so they are unable to access books on-line. My students are in need of books in hand to help them continue to read while school is closed. I have already given them many books out of our class library to allow them to continue to be able to read at home. Now that school is under a soft closure for the rest of the year, I would like to request enough books for my students to receive 4 books each for them to keep so they can continue to enjoy reading. I know my students would be so excited and grateful to receive such a wonderful gift. They love to read! They would be able to continue the joy of reading at home and also share with other family members.”

Hubbard Elementary


“I am a principal of an elementary school with 335 students in grades PK-3,” said Hubbard Elementary’s Donene Standley. “I’m an avid reader and one of the things we love doing as a school is celebrating the love of reading. It’s my goal to continue this tradition through our shutdown the remainder of the year. I’d normally highlight a book in our library while encouraging students to check out the book, but unfortunately this isn’t a possibility with the closures.”

Sacajawea Elementary


Sacajawea Elementary’s Kristy Rudan acknowledged that while she’s been able to get homework into the hands of their students while school has been under a “soft closure,” it has been much more difficult to get new and engaging reading material to them.

“Getting books into the hands of our children can do so much more than we may ever be blessed to witness first hand,” said Rudan. “But, oh, how it could change their world right now.”