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Classroom Wish Lists

Victory Middle School

Classroom Set of Treasure Island Books

Sixth-grade teacher Kayla Rosbaugh is wishing for a classroom set of Treasure Island, for her students to use during their exploration unit.

From Rosbaugh, “Finding novels that 6th graders find interesting and exciting is sometimes a bit of a challenge, but Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson is always a big hit with my students. Unfortunately, my current copies of the novel are old and “well-loved.” I am only a few page turns away from having to tape the books back together. Having new fresh copies would mean so much to me and my students. We would be able to enjoy the novel without having to be worried about pages falling out or the covers just coming right off. We could just jump right into the adventure of finding the buried treasure. I know I would appreciate new novels, but my kids would be even more ecstatic! New novels also won’t just help my current students, these copies should last for years to come.”