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Meetings & Minutes

Bingo Raffle Advisory Board minutes for 7/12/18

Time, Date and Place:
A meeting of the Bingo Raffle Advisory Board was held by teleconference at 1 PM (MDT) Thursday July 12, 2018

Advisory Board Members present:

Rayelle Anderson, Region 1
(Region 2 Vacant)
Shane Gehring, Region 3
Dennis Duehren, Region 5
Valisa Say, Region 6

Lottery Staff Present:

Angie Vitek, Charitable Gaming Coordinator
Jeff Anderson, Executive Director

Call to Order
Dennis called the meeting to order at 1:08 PM MST, and roll was called.

Approval of Minutes
Shane moved to approve the March 22, 2018 meeting minutes, Valisa seconded, and the minutes were approved as written.

This was Jeff’s topic for the agenda. This is a continuation of a discussion that was initiated in the fall of 2017. Current code sets the requirements for how many board members, the regional distribution of those members, and the mix of political affiliations, among other requirements. Jeff would like the board to discuss whether there is a problem, consider options, and then make recommendations to the Lottery. This would be for the 2020 legislation at the earliest. Rayelle, Shane, and Dennis shared their perspectives.

The conclusion to the discussion was that the Board’s October agenda be specifically about options and ideas presented in an open public meeting and the Board’s official recommendations be finalized and presented to the lottery.

Duties of the Board
The 2 page summary of the duties of the Board, provided by Angie, were discussed.

Demo of FAQ’s
This was a hold-over from the March meeting. Angie did not receive any comments or edits.

No additional topics.

Next Meeting
The next teleconference will be on Tuesday, September 11, 2018 at 9:00 am MST and 8:00 am PST. Any board member who wishes to travel to Boise should let Angie know. Jeff requested that Dennis, as Chairman, be in Boise for the discussion of board member requirements.

Shane made a motion to adjourn at 1:42 PM MST, and Valisa seconded.

Respectfully Submitted,

Dennis Duehren