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Jackpot: Win $1,000 A WEEK FOR ONE YEAR, all taxes paid!

Jackpot Winners

Date Prize Name City
11/02/17 $1,000 a week for one year! John Smith Boise, ID
10/02/17 $1,000 a week for one year! Shauna Iverson Preston, ID
9/22/17 $1,000 a week for one year! Leroy Hutmacher Dickinson, ND
5/3/17 $1,000 a week for one year! Calvin Oyler Peck, ID
1/6/17 $1,000 a week for one year! Theodore Bohlman Meridian, ID
5/31/16 $1,000 a week for one year! David Cates Twin Falls, ID
1/8/16 $1,000 a week for one year! Lea Filer, ID
11/27/15 $1,000 a week for one year! Brian LaCasse Meridian, ID
10/10/15 $1,000 a week for one year! Ella Mae Norris Spokane, WA
9/18/15 $1,000 a week for one year! Delbert Speece Garden City, ID
4/25/15 $1,000 a week for one year! Kathryn Wayland Burley, ID
3/21/15 $1,000 a week for one year! Linda Schooley West Jordan, UT
2/14/15 $1,000 a week for one year! Kenneth Barrette Boise, ID
12/31/14 $1,000 a week for one year! Camilo Ramirez Torres Taylorsville, UT
10/1/14 $1,000 a week for one year! William Ross Meridian, ID
7/23/14 $1,000 a week for one year! Deborah Temmerman Twin Falls, ID
7/9/14 $1,000 a week for one year! Kelly Molinero Nampa, ID
4/23/14 $1,000 a week for one year! Steve Ellingson Salt Lake City, UT
4/12/14 $1,000 a week for one year! Kenny Keene Emmett, ID
7/25/13 $1,000 a week for one year! Amy Timilsina Taylorsville, UT
7/19/13 $1,000 a week for one year! Kip Bateman Post Falls, ID
4/13/13 $1,000 a week for one year! Elbert Stebbins Hayden, ID
12/18/12 $1,000 a week for one year! Ardie Noyes Boise, ID

Second Chance Winners

Draw Date Monthly Prize Name City
01/05/2018$100 a week for one year!Ben ThillBoise
12/04/2017$100 a week for one year!Janice JobesHayden
11/01/2017$100 a week for one year!Larry ForsSt. Maries
10/03/2017$100 a week for one year!Charlie HarvieChallis
09/05/2017$100 a week for one year!Carmen CoulterCoeur D'Alene
08/02/2017$100 a week for one year!Nancy SwanstromKootenai
07/05/2017$100 a week for one year!Nathan HansenRathdrum
06/06/2017$100 a week for one year!Harold WhismoreCaldwell
05/03/2017$100 a week for one year!Gary Austin LightfootBoise
04/05/2017$100 a week for one year!Wayne KoskiMullan
03/01/2017$100 a week for one year!Shannon JusticeMeridian
02/01/2017$100 a week for One year!Ken LittlefieldSagle
01/04/2017$100 a week for One year!Jeff PrattHeyburn
12/07/2016$100 A Week For One YearGreg GillespieCoeur d'Alene
11/02/2016$100 A Week For One YearJim DarlingNampa
10/05/2016$100 A Week For One YearSusan LuskBoise
09/06/2016$100 A Week For One YearLeah HenryIdaho Falls
08/03/2016$100 a week for one year!Donna ChaneyMeridian
07/06/2016$100 a week for one year!Raina PetersonTwin Falls
06/01/2016$100 a week for one year!Rose LoreMeridian
05/04/2016$100 a week for one year!Daniel KreiserBoise
04/01/2016$100 a week for one year!Barri HamelMcCall
03/01/2016$100 a week for one year!Gloria OrthWendell
02/03/2016$100 a week for one year!Teresa OppermanSandpoint
01/06/2016$100 a week for one year!Shelly PapkeJerome
12/02/2015$100 a week for one year!Linda BlackstoneCoeur d’Alene
11/04/2015$100 a week for one year!Michael PantingBoise
10/07/2015$100 a week for one year!Marie RoehmVictor
09/02/2015$100 a week for one year!Mike PetersonBoise
08/05/2015$100 a week for one year!Carole HelgersonIdaho Falls
07/01/2015$100 a week for one year!Ann VahlbergEmmett
06/03/2015$100 a week for one year!Richard BishopDeary
05/06/2015$100 a week for one year!Maxine MartinIdaho Falls
04/01/2015$100 a week for one year!Heather DunhamBoise
03/04/2015$100 a week for one year!Jane JetleyMountain Home
02/04/2015$100 a week for one year!Jim PageMeridian
01/07/2015$100 a week for one year!Sherry RandolphIdaho Falls
12/03/2014$100 a week for one year!Gregory GillespieCoeur d’Alene
11/05/2014$100 a week for one year!Dara LongobardiBoise
10/01/2014$100 a week for one year!Eric MoodyEagle
09/03/2014$100 a week for one year!Carole HelgersonIdaho Falls
08/06/2014$100 a week for one year!Nancy AshcraftBoise
07/02/2014$100 a week for one year!Raelene BarzeeIdaho Falls
06/04/2014$100 a week for one year!Jeffrey ScozzaroPost Falls
05/07/2014$100 a week for one year!Russell DibiaseHayden
04/02/2014$100 a week for one year!Carolyn LauEmmett
03/05/2014$100 a week for one year!Karen WilliamsPost Falls
02/05/2014$100 a week for one year!Catherine HoutsMeridian
01/02/2014$100 a week for one year!Dan LearyPost Falls
12/04/2013$100 a week for one year!Dorian NicholsonNampa
11/06/2013$100 a week for one year!Daniel NelsenBoise
10/02/2013$100 a week for one year!Jim TrujilloMeridian, ID
09/04/2013$100 a week for one year!Linda TaylorBoise
08/07/2013$100 a week for one year!Fred NelsonFort Hall, ID
07/03/2013$100 a week for one year!Mark & Patricia RossBoise
06/05/2013$100 a week for one year!Mike EdwardsBoise
05/01/2013$100 a week for one year!Richard VaughanTwin Falls
04/03/2013$100 a week for one year!Melissa CainSandpoint
03/06/2013$100 a week for one year! Disqualified
02/06/2013$100 a week for one year! Disqualified
01/02/2013$100 a week for one year!Stuart ThomasTwin Falls
12/05/2012$100 a week for one year!Carl GreivingRigby
11/07/2012$100 a week for one year!Ed OstromSandpoint
09/30/2012$100 a week for one year!Daniel KreiserBoise
08/31/2012$100 a week for one year!Claudia SchwartzNew Plymouth
07/31/2012$100 a week for one year!Mark or Linda BlackstoneCoeur D' Alene
06/30/2012$100 a week for one year!Hoang NguyenBoise
05/31/2012$100 a week for one year!Jay SmithGarden City
04/30/2012$100 a week for one year!Dave RingquistBlackfoot
03/31/2012$100 a week for one year!Mary SlonikerBoise
02/29/2012$100 a week for one year!Zella CorderSoda Springs
01/31/2012$100 a week for one year!Cynthia ForgyNew Meadows
12/31/2011$100 a week for one year!Anthony MullaneyPocatello
11/30/2011$100 a week for one year!Gary PinsonnaultCoeur D' Alene
10/31/2011$100 a week for one year!Merlin TaylorCoeur D' Alene
09/30/2011$100 a week for one year! Disqualified
08/31/2011$100 a week for one year!Lorena StoverRathdrum

Winners will be posted by 3:00 p.m. MT. the first Wednesday of every month, unless this falls on a holiday. Then the winner will be announced the following day. The Lottery will contact winners by phone and e-mail. Winners must contact Lottery Security Division.

Posting or the announcement of winners drawn does not officiate winning status until the winner and winning entries have been verified by Idaho Lottery officials.

Note: Although every attempt is made to ensure that this list of numbers is accurate, the official numbers are recorded in the official draw files as certified by the independent accounting firm.

DateJackpotMatch 4Match 3Match 2
1/13/2018 0 4 1311,220
1/10/2018 0 6 1551,374
1/6/2018 0 6 1761,515
1/3/2018 0 3 1651,314
12/30/2017 0 5 1441,322
12/27/2017 0 1 1481,217
12/23/2017 0 8 1621,407
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$25 1:57

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Win $100 per week for 1 year!

Enter your non-winning Weekly Grand ticket(s) each month through our website for a chance to win $100 per week for ONE year! (taxes paid). One winner will be drawn each month. Enter your ticket(s).


*Free ticket will be a quick pick only. Overall odds of winning a prize is 1:6.12


*The jackpot amount is $77,380 ($52,000 after taxes). The jackpot winner will receive $1,000 a week for one year! The jackpot will be divided equally between multiple winners. There is no lump sum cash option available.

Payment: All prizes must be claimed within 180 days from the draw date.

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