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Pool Party

Pool Tips

Whether your Pool Party has 5 players or 25 players, it pays to be organized from the start. Here are just a few Pool Party tips to keep in mind:

  1. It's wise to have a back-up manager. Managers should let members know where and when the tickets were purchased.

  2. Copy and post the tickets for the group or tell members what the numbers are so everyone can watch the drawings.

  3. Write your name on the back of original tickets and keep them in a safe place.

  4. Decide ahead of time what you will do with any winnings, for example, will you divide the cash or use the proceeds to buy additional tickets? If you divide winnings, make sure the process is clear to all pool members.

  5. Put all information in writing so everyone understands how the pool works.

  6. When you win, have everyone fill out an agreement to share ownership and proceeds for the group's lottery ticket and provide copies of the required identification. Determine how pool members will be paid their share of winnings.

  7. Establish a notification system, like a phone or email tree, so members can be reached, especially over a weekend. You can use the Pool Manager's tools to send e-mails to your group. You may also consider setting up your group in Facebook using their options.

  8. Consider designating one member to be spokesperson for your pool group. This may be the pool manager.

  9. Things to decide before forming a group to purchase tickets: How will you claim your winning ticket? Who will physically claim it – pool manager or the whole group? How long after the drawing will you claim your prize?

  10. Be an educated player - know how to play and know how to ask for what you want. Visit the Idaho Lottery's How To Play Network.

  11. Fill out a playslip to ensure the accuracy of the Draw game ticket you want to purchase. Verify the accuracy of your Draw ticket before leaving your retailer - it is the player's responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the ticket.

  12. Winning ticket or not, it's always a good idea to fill out and sign the back of your lottery ticket as soon as you purchase it. Lottery tickets are bearer instruments, meaning that whoever signs the back of the ticket is the owner of the ticket. Putting your information on your ticket will help to identify it as yours in the event the ticket is lost or stolen.

  13. You can watch the Powerball PowerPlay draw on your local TV station! Check-a-Ticket devices at your retailer are a quick, easy way to see if your Draw or Scratch ticket is a winner.

  14. VIP Club members can have winning draw numbers sent via text message directly to their cell phone or sent to them via e-mail.

  15. It's a good idea to ask for a validation receipt when redeeming a winning ticket. The receipt will verify the amount of your winnings. When validating your ticket, listen for the "Winner! Winner!" sound the terminal plays when it recognizes a winning ticket.

  16. If you play a multi-draw ticket and win before the final draw, make sure you obtain an exchange ticket from the cashing retailer, and make sure the ticket you receive is accurate. Do this immediately upon receipt. The ticket should state EXCHANGE at the top and be valid for the remaining draws. You do not have to pay for the exchange ticket.

  17. Players have 180 days after the draw, or 180 days after a scratch game is ended by the Lottery to claim their prizes.

  18. Enjoy playing our games and please remember to play responsibly - it's all about fun!