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$869,398,492 returned to Idaho since 1989! VIP Club
  • $100

    Top Prize
  • $10

  • 1:9.01

    overall odds
  • 99.57%

click and hold your mouse over this image to scratch off the ticket.

Third time could be the charm as Limited Edition returns in the third version of this exclusively popular game! Limited Edition 3rd Edition has $2.0 million in prizes, loaded exclusively with only two prizes - $50 and $100. Limited Edition 3rd Edition carries an exclusive 71% prize payout; unheard of for a $10 game and usually only found in the $20 and $25 games!

With only two prizes available in this game, winning is an exclusive matter. Players receive 25 chances to win on every single ticket. Players who reveal a stack of money symbol win the prize shown: either $50 or $100.

Try Limited Edition 3rd Edition the next time you visit a retail location. With these types of prizes, this game may just live up to its namesake.

Number of Prizes Prize Amount Remaining Prizes Odds
9,514 $100 108 1:32
24,558 $50 319 1:13
* Real time data on prizes below $25 are not available.