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returned to Idaho since 1989!

  • $100

    Top Prize
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Rosie the Riveter was an icon of World War II in America, but there are other icons that provide resourceful hard work and symbolize the American way of life. Doctors, Nurses, service men, policewomen, firemen, farmers, astronauts, and the Statue of Liberty round out this iconic American game along with a top prize of $100.

All TouchTab prizes must be claimed at the location of play on the day of play. Try Pride of the USA the next time you visit a TouchTab retailer.

  1. Pride Of The USA Step 1

    PullTabs are limited to social establishments, primarily bars, bowling centers, restaurants, and taverns. Click here to find PullTabs in your area.

  2. Pride Of The USA Step 2

    Pull the tab on the back of the ticket. Match winning symbols for your chance to win up to $100

  3. Pride Of The USA Step 3

    Prizes must be claimed by close of business on the day of sale at the place of sale.