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$1,122,800,119 returned to Idaho since 1989! VIP Club

returned to Idaho since 1989!

  • $100

    Top Prize
  • 50¢

  • 1:4.75

    overall odds

What could be luckier than finding a diamond? How about finding seven diamonds? Seven Diamonds gives you the chance to become your own diamond cutter. Each play on Seven Diamonds has you trying to match three like symbols, Lucky 7 symbols, golden bells, gem stones, and diamonds. Find three logos of the game and win the top prize of $100. Reveal the Diamond Cutter symbol and try to create the perfect diamond in the diamond cutting bonus feature to win even more prizes!

All TouchTab prizes must be claimed at the location of play on the day of play. Try Seven Diamonds the next time you visit a TouchTabs retailer.

  1. Seven Diamonds 50¢ Step 1

    TouchTabs are limited to age controlled establishments, primarily bars and taverns. Click here to find TouchTabs in your area.

  2. Seven Diamonds 50¢ Step 2

    To begin game, select price level and touch PLAY.

    Touch each of the three play areas to reveal your symbols.

    If you match any symbols in a row, column or diagonal you win!

  3. Seven Diamonds 50¢ Step 3

    If you get a bonus symbol, you go to the bonus game for a chance to win additional prizes.

  4. Seven Diamonds 50¢ Step 4

    When you are finished playing, tap COLLECT to print your credit voucher.

    Vouchers must be redeemed at the location of play, on the day of play.