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Happy Sweet Restroom Upgrades Day

Lowell Elementary in Boise, built in 1913, was the first truly modern public school in Idaho.  The Idaho Journal of Education published an article in the 1920s, that at the time, showed a developed floor plan that included a school design complete with indoor plumbing and cloak rooms.  In the article, it says “An adequate school plant – sanitary, spacious, cheerful – built around the needs of the child and the school, preserves the health of school children and helps to improve individual and community life…” (Idaho Education Association – Voices of Courage, Champions of Excellence).

In pre-World War 1 America, indoor plumbing in a school would have been considered state of the art.  Today, we recognize our computer technology as the same, nearly taking for granted the comforts of yesteryear.  Bathrooms are an equivocal necessity for the well-being and operation of any public school today.

“For over 30 years, the Idaho Lottery has delivered results for the students of the Gem State,” said Executive Director Jeff Anderson. “Lottery dividends of nearly a billion dollars have been used for repairs and maintenance of school facilities. For the past fourteen years as Lottery Director, I’ve been known to say we’re about inanimate objects – a roof or heating and air conditioning system replaced, a playground improved for fun and safety, a new floor, parking lot or classroom paint job – but I must say I’ve never talked about new and improved restrooms! Not until now, anyway.”

“When you imagine what a contemporary school facility looks like, it goes beyond the hallways. Clean, safe, and modern restrooms are essential. When citizens play the Lottery, Every Play Pays. Even for new tile, sinks and toilets,” Anderson added.

So, thank you Idaho for playing the Idaho Lottery and making schools a little safer, friendlier, and more inviting. And thank you for your part in improving the restrooms at public schools across the Gem State, including schools in these districts last year:


American Heritage Charter School

Butte County School District

Cassia County Joint School District

Clark County Joint School District

Council School District

Dietrich School District

Hagerman Joint School District

Mackay Joint School District

Salmon School District

Sugar-Salem Joint School District