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returned to Idaho since 1989!


Happy Yay Exterior Masonry Repairs Day

The building blocks for education begins with reading, writing, and arithmetic. The buildings blocks for Idaho’s schools are just that – building blocks. Bricks, mortar, lumber, the things that make our school buildings strong and last. Put the two together, and you have the foundation for building a great public education system in the Gem State.

With the ever-rising cost of new construction, now more than ever it’s important to repair and maintain Idaho’s Public School infrastructure. In fact, the Idaho Lottery was created specifically to do that. Since day 1, on July 19, 1989, the Idaho Lottery has had as it’s mission to benefit Idaho’s public schools. Specifically, in law, the Idaho Lottery is meant to benefit the Idaho Department of Education’s School District Building Account. These monies go to the maintenance and operation of student occupied facilities. Thirty-one years and $961.5 million later, the Lottery is doing just that. When it’s time to repair the bricks, fill in the cracks in the mortar, make general repairs to the walls, or do the things necessary to make our schools stronger, the Idaho Lottery has been a partner with education to help make it happen.

And so today, we celebrate the fabric of the buildings, the essence of the schools, the structure for which they’re built from – the masonry, the brick, the mortar, the buildings themselves. More specifically, these schools and districts used Lottery funds to make their facilities better, safer, for the students, staff, and faculty who use. So, Happy Yay Exterior Masonry Repairs Day!

Glenns Ferry Joint School District
Kootenai Joint School District
Madison School District
Plummer Worley School District
Rolling Hills Charter School
Village Charter School
White Pine Charter School