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returned to Idaho since 1989!


If you read, you succeed!

The Idaho Lottery made a special, “Back-to-School” Classroom Wishlist visit to Hibbard Elementary School in Rexburg in late September, delivering 556 new books, reading furniture, and book storage to Remi Burton’s 3rd grade classroom. It’s all part of the Idaho Lottery’s “Do Good” initiatives that support public education in the Gem State.

“When I was a third grader, my grandma told me, ‘If you read you succeed, if you don’t, you won’t.’ I want to foster a lifelong love of reading in these eight and nine-year-old students, that if they read, they’ll succeed,” said Remi Burton. “Each year I challenge my 3rd grade students to complete a 20-book reading challenge, and that’s what these books are for.”

In addition to the 556 books, Burton’s classroom received baskets and cubbies for easy storage and specialized, mod-blocks flexible seating to create a more welcoming reading environment.

“I want to create a space where all my students can feel safe, find books they love, and be comfortable while reading them,” added Burton.

Burton’s students opened boxes delivered by the Idaho Lottery on Tuesday, and many were seen jumping around, smiling, and saying, “This is the best day ever!”

“I was really very fortunate. I think I sobbed when I opened the email that said that I received this, and I was just beyond ecstatic,” said Burton. “This is such a beautiful blessing. Thank you!”

Classroom Wishlist is one of three of the Idaho Lottery’s community-based, “Do Good” initiatives. Each month, public school teachers submit proposals to the Idaho Lottery for items they need to improve education in their classroom. With the help of their VIP Club players, the Lottery awards up to $10,000 in projects each month to classrooms in need across Idaho.