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No Monsters Under This Bed!

Over the years, the Idaho Lottery has heard some unique tales of where folks have kept big winning tickets before claiming them. The refrigerator and portable fire proof safes come to mind. We've also heard of folks keeping the ticket in the visor of their truck, or in the glove box of their car. It almost seems clich├® to think people actually keep money under the mattress. Almost.

Congratulations to Crystal Machuca from Caldwell who won $100,000 on the game Mega Money Fall Cashword!


According to Crystal, she purchased the ticket a few days ago but didn't play it right away. Instead, she stashed the ticket in her mattress until playing it. Once she did play it, she thought it was a mistake when she had uncovered all those words.

"I checked the ticket on the Lottery check-a-ticket app first. And it said I had to claim it at the Lottery," described Crystal on how she determined it was a winner. "Then I took it back to the store and had the clerk check it. She told me I needed to claim at the Lottery. I didn't believe it."

Crystal claimed her $100,000 top prize alongside her husband Alfredo who plays more than she does. "I'm always giving him a bad time for playing and then I go and win big," teased Crystal.

Her winning ticket was sold from the Walmart Neighborhood Market on Ustick in Caldwell. Crystal plans to put her winnings toward paying her house.