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$1,189,000,000 returned to Idaho since 1989! VIP Club

returned to Idaho since 1989!


Raffle 50000th Ticket Winner

Aaron Marquette from Garden City told his boss this morning he had to run to the store for a quick errand. He had been following the Idaho Lottery’s Raffle ticker on the Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle and knew the game was coming close to selling ticket number 050000 which would be worth $1,000. He stepped into the Jacksons Extra Mile on Broadway across from St. Luke’s hospital in downtown Boise and bought a few tickets. The last one he bought was ticket 050000.

“I called my boss and told him my errand was going to take a little longer,” Marquette said with a smile.

Fifteen minutes later he claimed his $1,000 prize from the Idaho Lottery at their offices in Boise.

“That’s a good early lunch break for a Monday,” said Marguette.

When you play the Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle, every 25000th ticket is an automatic $1,000 winner. There are eighteen total this year available to be won instantly!

With TWO guaranteed top prizes this year of a million dollars each, Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle tickets are selling fast. Get yours before they’re gone!