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Scratch For Schools 2018 Recap

“We didn’t come here to finish in third place,” announced a teasing Jon Rehder, Principal for Prairie High School in Cottonwood as he and his team left the Lewis-Clark State College Activity Center after the final round of the Lewiston Scratch for Schools event. Rehder’s team finished only ten officially scratched tickets behind the second place team of Sacajawea Junior High from Lewiston. The first place team that night was Potlach Elementary who scratch 196 tickets in the final round. Despite the third place finish, Rehder’s team, though, still took home an impressive $314 in prize winnings.

The level of competitiveness at Scratch for Schools 2018 was not just limited to the Lewiston venue. Every town saw incredible competition and camaraderie as 461 schools with teams comprised of teachers, principals, and parents, participated in seven different events across Idaho. This year was the second largest series of events in terms of participating schools and the record holder for the most funds awarded. The 461 schools this year claimed a total slightly over $107,000 from the Scratch Game Straight As.

The fast scratching school this year? Twin Falls High School. Hansen Elementary from Hansen held the record of 263 tickets scratched in five minutes during the first round of the Twin Falls event on the College of Southern Idaho. But records were made to be broken and their mark was eclipsed by Twin Falls High in the final round when they scratch 290 tickets in five minutes. Twin Falls High was also the largest winner of cash from any event, claiming $698 that night.

Here is a list of the top finishing schools from each event:

Nampa – Juniper Hills from Nampa

Boise – Joplin Elementary from Boise

Idaho Falls – Discovery Elementary from Idaho Falls

Pocatello – Grace Junior High from Grace

Twin Falls – Twin Falls High School

Lewiston – Potlach Elementary from Potlach

Coeur d’Alene – Harrison Elementary from Harrison

Here is a list of all the venues for this year and how much was won at each.

Scratch for Schools Chart