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Surprise Classroom Wishlist Delivery at Mary McPherson Elementary

Deep in the southwest side of Boise is Mary McPherson Elementary School. In mid-October, a couple of 2nd Grade teachers got a big surprise and early holiday bonus from the Idaho Lottery’s Classroom Wishlist program.

The surprise was compliments of fellow 2nd grade teacher Stacee Marshall. She submitted a Classroom Wishlist in September for a Chromebook charging cart for each of their classrooms.

“With twenty-two students, twenty-two laptops, and twenty-two charging cords, it is hard not to end up with tangled cords, lost laptops, or laptops that are not charged,” said Marshall. “Our building is older and has very few outlets for students to charge their computers.”

When the Idaho Lottery showed up for the special delivery, Marshall’s two co-workers and fellow teachers had no idea they were coming. The delivery caught them by surprise. They joined the celebration and were soon overjoyed to receive these essential items.

“We will have less distractions with students moving around and trying to charge their laptops, leaving more time to focus on their work,” Marshall added. “These carts will help to keep students (and the teachers) organized, charged up, and ready to learn!”

Congratulations Mary McPherson Elementary!