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Clarkston Man Wins Cash Money Blowout $250,000 Top Prize, Officially Ends Game

BOISE, Idaho ÔÇô One of the most popular Idaho Lottery games officially ended today when the final top prize on the Scratch Game Cash Money Blowout was claimed by a Clarkston, Washington man. According to the winner, Matthew Chinchinian, he's had the winning ticket for a long time but did not actually scratch it until late last week.

"I don't play a lot, but when I do, I usually buy a few tickets, from both Washington and Idaho, and I just keep them in the glove box of my truck. I eventually play them," said Chinchinian. "I probably bought this ticket about three months ago."

While the unknown winning ticket was driving around in Chinchinian's truck, other players across Idaho have been routinely checking every store and making inquiries where they could find remaining tickets of the game. Cash Money Blowout was 99.89% sold before the final winning ticket arrived in Boise with only 18 packs of tickets available for sale.

"In my stack in the truck, it was the first ticket, right on top," added Chinchian. "I really couldn't believe it when I saw it was the big winner. This is really exciting."

The winning ticket was sold from the Nez Perce Express in Lewiston.

Chinchinian is traveling and not available for comment or interview.

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