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Employee Group from Micron Claims $50,000 Powerball Winner from Famous Jackson's Store; Pierce and Franklin Winning Tickets also Claimed

BOISE, Idaho ÔÇô Last week's epic Powerball run did more than produce a world record jackpot. In Idaho, it produced the single largest group ever to split a big Lottery prize and the State's luckiest store for Powerball sold another near-jackpot winning ticket.

A group of 43 people who work together at Micron Technology pooled their monies together and won $50,000 from a ticket purchased at Jacksons #10 on Orchard and I-84 in Boise. The group, dubbed "Integrated Systems," claimed their winnings from the Idaho Lottery. Group leader, Carmel Petrain, said "This is a blessing and I'm grateful to share it with so many people."

Certainly one of the luckiest stores in Idaho, and perhaps one of the luckiest lottery stores in America, Jacksons #10 has a long list of big wins and close calls when it comes to big Powerball jackpots and winning tickets.This store has sold two Powerball jackpot winners, one to Pam Hiatt in 1995, and the other to Brad Duke in 2005. On three other occasions, including last week's winner, Jacksons #10 near the airport has sold Powerball tickets that matched four of the first five numbers and the Powerball, just missing the jackpot by a single number. The first two, in October 2008 and again in April 2009, each won $10,000. With the rules change this past October for Powerball that prize level now starts at $50,000. In addition, this store sold a $200,000 winning scratch ticket in December 2013.

In addition to Integrated Systems, two of the other three $50,000 winning tickets have been claimed.

Tanya Gillespie from Pierce, Idaho, in Clearwater County, claimed a $50,000 ticket from last Wednesday's historic Powerball draw. Her winning ticket was sold at the Pierce Mini Mart in Pierce, Idaho.

A winning ticket for $50,000 sold for the Powerball draw on Saturday, January 10, 2016 was claimed by Veronica Solis of Ogden, Utah. Her winning ticket was sold at Best Stop in Franklin, Idaho.

One ticket worth $50,000 from the Saturday, January 10, 2016 sold in Ada County remains unclaimed. All players of Powerball in the past week are encouraged to check their tickets carefully for winners. Players have 180 days from the date of the draw to claim their prizes.

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