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Idaho Lucky! $200,000 Winning Powerball Tickets Sold in Pocatello and Caldwell

ÔÇïBOISE, Idaho ÔÇô Two lucky Idaho Lottery players are holding tickets worth $200,000 this morning. The Idaho Lottery confirmed that two tickets, one sold in Pocatello and the second sold in Caldwell, matched all five numbers but not the Powerball from last night┬┤s $169,200,000 draw. The winning numbers were 23, 30, 31, 35, 42 and the Powerball was 06.

"Too often people think they do not have a winning ticket if they did not match the Powerball number itself," stated Jeff Anderson, Idaho Lottery Director. "We are encouraging everyone who had a Powerball ticket for last night's draw to check their tickets carefully and to sign them immediately. These tickets did not match the Powerball number, but did match every other number making them $200,000 winners."

Anderson also reminded players that with the game changes to Powerball earlier this year, any match 5 prize, like these two, that had the PowerPlay option, would have been an automatic $1,000,000 winner. These two particular winners, however, do not have the PowerPlay option.

With the busy holiday weekend ahead and a $192,000,000 Powerball jackpot for Saturday night, the Idaho Lottery is also encouraging players to play within their means.

"There is always a lot of enthusiasm when the Powerball jackpot reaches this level," explained Jeff Anderson, Idaho Lottery Director. "We are encouraging players to share in the excitement and dream of winning big, but to play responsibly. Spend what you can afford, don't go overboard."

There were a total of 12,743 total winners from last night's Powerball draw, including the two $200,000 winning tickets.


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