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Kuna Woman Wins Hot Ticket Sweepstakes Prize of $100,000 on a Whim

One Saturday afternoon in early August, Katie McAuley from Kuna stopped in the Liquor Store located on Meridian Road south of Overland to pick up a few items. While at the register, she noticed an Idaho Lottery display for the game Hot Ticket Sweepstakes, and on a whim, decided to purchase one of the $5 tickets. Her lucky decision that day earned her the game's top prize of $100,000.

The Idaho Lottery's game Hot Ticket Sweepstakes ended on Monday, August 20, 2018. The winning numbers for the game were announced by the Lottery on Tuesday. On Thursday afternoon, McAuley was checking a couple of Idaho Lottery Cash Getaway Scratch tickets on her smart phone using the Idaho Lottery's free Check-a-Ticket app when she noticed that Hot Ticket Sweepstakes had ended.

"I was already checking my other tickets, so I checked this one, too. It didn't tell me how much I'd won, only that I needed to contact the Lottery," explained McAuley. "I only buy tickets every once in a while and I haven't been very lucky until now."

McAuley plans to support her family and pay off some bills with her winnings.

In addition to the top prize, Hot Ticket Sweepstakes also had 4,425 other prizes including twenty-five $1,000 prizes. Those $1,000 prizes must also be claimed at Idaho Lottery offices in Boise. There are 1,000 prize of $50 and 3,400 prizes of $25. The $50 and $25 winning prizes may be claimed at any Idaho Lottery retail location. Players may check their tickets by using the Idaho Lottery's website, by using the Check-a-Ticket app, by calling the winning numbers hotline at 208-334-4656, or by visiting any Idaho Lottery retailer.

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The Idaho Lottery responsibly provides a variety of entertaining games featuring Powerball, Mega Millions, Scratch GamesTM, and PullTabs with a high degree of integrity to maximize the dividend for Idaho public schools and the permanent building fund. Since their inception in 1989, the Idaho Lottery has sold nearly $3.7 billion in products, awarded over $2.2 billion in prizes to players, returned $216 million in retail commissions, and distributed $846 million in Lottery dividends to Idaho public schools and the Permanent Building Fund.

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