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Legendary Story for $300,000 Legendary Wealth Winner from Buhl

BOISE, Idaho ÔÇô Behind every great Lottery win is usually a great Lottery story that typically involves the winner doing something out of the ordinary. And often times, these stories become the stuff of legends.

About two weeks ago, Jacob Rudolph was buying groceries at the Ridley's in Buhl. His mother encouraged him to buy a $20 Scratch ticket. It was payday, so Jacob took his mom's advice. He won $30. Then he bought and played a $30 Legendary Wealth Scratch ticket, but it turned out to be a non-winner.

"It was payday after all, so I thought, maybe I'll just play one more," said Rudolph on buying his second, Legendary Wealth Scratch ticket. "I played it and there it was. The number "21" matched "21" and it said $300,000. Winner. Unbelievable."

Rudolph scanned the ticket at two different stores just to confirm it was indeed the first $300,000 top prize in the game. Due to some family matters that needed attending to, though, Rudolph did not rush to Boise to cash-in the ticket. He waited patiently for two weeks to claim his Legendary Wealth ticket from the Idaho Lottery. So where did he keep that $300,000 winning ticket for two weeks?

"The bottom of the sock drawer. The sock drawer is the safest place!" he exclaimed. "Every time I opened the drawer, I'd look and see that it was still there."

Rudolph plans to pay off a few bills, help his family, and invest his winnings wisely. For their part in selling the winning ticket, Ridley's receives a bonus from the Idaho Lottery for $20,000.

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