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New Lottery Game Features Idaho’s State Parks



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New Lottery Game Features Idaho’s State Parks

The Idaho Lottery and the Idaho Department of Parks & Recreation have teamed up this summer to celebrate Idaho’s scenic treasures, our State parks. A new $5 Scratch Game from the Lottery features the artwork of renowned Idaho artist, Ward Hooper, and focuses on eleven of Idaho’s State Parks from across the Gem State.

Hooper has been designing artwork in the 1930’s/1940’s style for over 17 years. His work has included designs for Brundage Mountain and Bogus Basin, along with the City of Boise and for Coeur d’Alene. The graphic designer says his art is best described as “Norman Rockwell meets a Steve Miller Band album cover,” using modern technology to create that 1930s feel.

“As we navigate these unprecedented times, one thing we can do is to support and visit Idaho’s network of State parks,” said Jeff Anderson, Idaho Lottery Director. “Supporting our outdoor lifestyle while providing an additional opportunity to support Idaho’s education was the great benefit of working collaboratively with Idaho Parks and Recreation on the creation of this game.”

“This Lottery partnership reminds Idahoans that State Parks provide safe opportunities to get outdoors, get away and get some adventure – things we all need now,” said David Langhorst, director of Idaho State Parks and Recreation. “Come out and play, but please recreate responsibly.”

The Department of Parks & Recreation’s commission of long-time Idaho artist, Ward Hooper to design iconic art for Idaho’s State Parks became the focal point of the game. The familiar, nostalgic, vintage style of Hooper’s designs yearn for a period of yesteryear and beckon the recollection of simpler times spent outdoors under starry nighttime skies.

“For personal reasons, Winchester Lake State Park near Craigmont is still my favorite,” admitted Hooper on some of his personal connection to Idaho’s parks. “I went camping there as a boy scout. It’s closest to my heart.”

For those who are looking to collect all the game ticket art, there are eleven parks featured on this game. The parks are: Bear Lake, Bruneau Dunes, Castle Rocks, Farragut, Harriman, Lake Cascade, Lucky Peak, Ponderosa, Priest Lake, Round Lake, and Winchester Lake.

The game features two top prizes of $50,000 for players to win.

“And remember, when playing the Lottery, please play responsibly,” added Anderson.


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