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Northern Idaho Woman Claims $1,000,000 Lottery Raffle Prize

Post Falls, Idaho ÔÇô There's an old saying that success can often be attributed to showing up. In the Lottery world, winning is accomplished by buying at least one ticket. Today, one northern Idaho woman proved both of these adages true when she received her winning check from Idaho Lottery officials for $1,000,000, the top prize in their game the Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle.

Lisa Clough has long been a regular Idaho Lottery player and member of the Idaho Lottery's VIP Club. In early December, she received an e-mail from the Idaho Lottery inviting her to attend a special promotional night hosted by the Idaho Lottery and 103.9 BOB FM (KBBD ÔÇô a Radio Spokane, radio station) at the Super 1 Foods store in Post Falls. Her decision to attend and purchase Raffle tickets was worth $1,000,000.

"You got extra holiday tickets for each Raffle ticket you bought at the Super 1," said Lisa, explaining her decision. "I thought it sounded like a good idea to get my tickets then, so I sent my son to the store to buy two for me."

The Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle game ended on December 31, 2017 and the winning numbers draw occurred on January 2, 2018. A few days after the draw, Lisa checked her tickets using the Idaho Lottery's mobile check-a-ticket app.

"We checked our tickets with the app and it said to call the Lottery. So we did," said Lisa. "I told the gal on the phone the number I was checking and she told me 'Congratulations' and that I was holding the $1,000,000 winning ticket. I was little bit shaky after that."

Lisa received her $1,000,000 check during a media event today at the Super 1 Foods store where the ticket was originally sold that night. For their part in selling the winning ticket, Super 1 Foods receives a bonus from the Idaho Lottery for $20,000. This is the largest winning ticket ever sold by Super 1 Foods.

Lisa says she'll take time to consider what to do with her winnings. Right now, she's getting used to being the Idaho Lottery's 59th millionaire.

"Sometimes you don't believe your eyes," said a happy Lisa when she received her check.

Lisa is not available for further comment. She has also requested privacy surrounding her win.

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