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Poe Wins $100,000 in Pocatello

BOISE, Idaho ÔÇô Kathleen Poe was just running to see a family member across town one afternoon and happened to stop in the Maverik Country Store on Alameda and Pocatello. She needed a couple of items for a party she was attending and decided to pick up a Midnight Money Scratch ticket from the Idaho Lottery. It turned out to be a $100,000 decision.

"I┬┤ve had this ticket for a few weeks now and I still don┬┤t really believe that it┬┤s real," admitted Poe when she received her winning check.

Poe bought her ticket in early April. She had to wait until she had a day off and the Lottery offices were open before she could make the three-hour drive to Boise to claim her prize.

Poe says that she plans to keep her winnings in a safe place while she decides what to do with her winnings.

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