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Responsible Play, Responsible Winning ÔÇô Powerball Jackpot over Half-a-Billion Dollars

BOISE, Idaho ÔÇô The current Powerball annuitized jackpot estimate for Saturday night's draw is now $535 million. This is the fifth largest advertised jackpot in Powerball's history and the eighth largest jackpot in US history. As excitement over this weekend's jackpot begins to rival that for the Eclipse on Monday, the Idaho Lottery is reinforcing its message to play responsibly and to provide additional information on what playing responsibly means.

"When jackpots reach these levels, it's important to remind everyone that each ticket has an equal chance of winning as any other ticket. It only takes one ticket to win," said Jeff Anderson, Idaho Lottery Director. "It's also important to remember there are other prizes in the game, up to $5 million for a ticket that matches the first five numbers, but not the Powerball, and has the PowerPlay feature. Players need to check their tickets carefully after the draw occurs."

As Saturday night draws closer, the Idaho Lottery recommends the following advice for players who want to participate in this weekend's big draw:

  • Be patient when waiting to get a ticket. Get your tickets early and do not wait until the last minute as there may be lines.
  • Be sure to sign your ticket at the time of purchase. Tickets are bearer instruments and the Idaho Lottery pays the person who signs and presents their ticket for payment.
  • After the draw, check your tickets carefully for winners. Players can the Idaho Lottery's free Check-a-ticket app (available at the App Store or Google Play Store). Players can also check your tickets for winners by visiting the Idaho Lottery's website, or by using the Lottery's winning numbers hotline (208-334-4656). Players may also check their tickets for winners at retail locations by using on-counter check-a-ticket devices or using the check-a-ticket on the Lottery's vending machines.
  • The Idaho Lottery also encourages players to consider taking the annuity payment when they win. The annuity prize is made in 30 payments over 29 years and pays out the full $535 million amount.

"Players who elect to take the annuity receive the entire prize over time," added Anderson. "Each year, for twenty-nine years after your first payment, you receive a check worth eight figures. And this can be passed on to your estate and beneficiaries in the future."

Wednesday night's draw produced 12,583 winning tickets worth $75,690 in Idaho. The jackpot for Saturday night's draw remains an estimated annuity prize of $535 million.

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The Idaho Lottery responsibly provides a variety of entertaining games featuring Powerball, Mega Millions, Scratch GamesTM, and PullTabs with a high degree of integrity to maximize the dividend for Idaho public schools and the permanent building fund. Since their inception in 1989, the Idaho Lottery has sold over $3.4 billion in products, awarded over $2 billion in prizes to players, returned $200 million in retail commissions, and distributed $792.5 million in Lottery dividends to Idaho public schools and the Permanent Building Fund. To learn more, please visit www.idaholottery.com.

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