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Two Big Jackpots This Saturday!

Powerball at $213 Million, Hot Lotto Sizzler at $16 Million | Lottery Encourages Responsible Play

BOISE, Idaho ÔÇô With no jackpot winner from last night's Powerball draw, this Saturday's jackpot is worth an estimated $213 million. In Idaho, 14,800 players won prizes totaling $77,000 from last night's $186 million draw. The winning numbers from last night were: 10, 25, 32, 34, 47, Powerball 5, PowerPlay 3.

The jackpot for Idaho's other big draw game Hot Lotto Sizzler Jackpot last night rolled again, too. That game's jackpot is an estimated $16.07 million for Saturday night. Hot Lotto Sizzler is a multi-state draw game played in fourteen states including Idaho. About 3,000 Idaho players won nearly $14,000 last night playing Hot Lotto Sizzler. The winning numbers from last night were: 7, 16, 20, 30, 33, Hot Ball 11.

As Idaho retailers gear up for a busy weekend of selling the potential jackpot-winning ticket from both big jackpot games, the Idaho Lottery is asking players who play, to do so within their means.

"When the jackpots get this high, we always encourage our players to share in the excitement of winning big, but when they do play, to do so responsibly," stated Jeff Anderson, Idaho Lottery Director. "In these tough economic times, we really want people to play what they can afford, and not go overboard."

The one time, cash option on Saturday's Powerball jackpot is estimated at $104.7 million. The one time, cash option for Saturday's Hot Lotto Sizzler jackpot is $10.08 million.

"Winning the jackpot, or even $1 million with the PowerPlay option on Powerball, can be a life-changing event," added Anderson. "We are also reminding players to sign their tickets prior to presenting winning tickets for payment. Winning Lottery tickets are bearer instruments that will be paid to the presenter."

Players who would like to purchase a ticket for the big draws can do so until 7:55 P.M. Mountain Time on Saturday evening.


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