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Suds Tavern in Boise Becomes Luckiest Tavern in Idaho


BOISE, Idaho – One of Idaho’s newest Lottery retail locations has quickly become the luckiest tavern in the Gem State. On consecutive days, Suds Tavern on Broadway in Boise had a $1 million scratch ticket and then a $131,634 top prize on the game Ultimate Diamond Jackpot. This is a remarkable achievement for a retail location that only started selling Lottery Scratch products on February 1, 2024.

“We had been trying for a long time to get Idaho Lottery Scratch Games in our establishment,” said Scott Burney, co-owner of Suds. “We were thrilled we got the opportunity to offer Lottery products to our patrons. But now, with two big wins in two days, this is incredible.”

On Tuesday, to celebrate his birthday, Travis Wilson claimed a $1,000,000 Big Money Idaho Lottery Scratch ticket sold from a vending kiosk at Suds. Later that night, Julie Chislock and her husband joined Wilson back at Suds Tavern to celebrate Wilson’s big win. While there, she played a few Ultimate Diamond Jackpot tickets and won $131,634. She claimed her prize the next day on Wednesday.

Burney joined both winners when they visited the Lottery office in Boise on consecutive days. For selling the two winning tickets, Suds will receive commissions from the Lottery of $33,163.

“I love having Lottery. I’m riding high!” exclaimed the co-owner. “This is life changing for sure.”



The Idaho Lottery responsibly provides a variety of entertaining games featuring Powerball, Mega Millions, Scratch GamesTM, and PullTabs with a high degree of integrity to maximize the dividend for Idaho public schools and the permanent building fund. Since their inception in 1989, the Idaho Lottery has sold over $5.4 billion in products, awarded more than $3.1 billion in prizes to players, returned $317 million in retail commissions, and distributed $1.189 billion in Lottery dividends to Idaho public schools and buildings. To learn more, please visit www.idaholottery.com.

2024 CW New Plymouth Elementary Tappana

Date: April 2024

School: New Plymouth Elementary School

Wish Delivered: Cubbies

Teacher Ashley Tappana says "We do not have any type of organizational cubby system in our classroom to keep backpacks and coats in a confined area and off the floor. We know that students thrive off of routine, predictability, and organization. Right now, we try and keep all items in an open recessed closet space, but there is simply not enough hooks and space for all of the lunches, coats, and backpacks. This results in coats and backpacks ending up on the floor in a pile due to us rotating 72 fifth graders throughout the day. By rearranging the classroom and adding these cubbies, it will prevent items from being lost and promote a cohesive and organized classroom. By providing these cubbies, our fifth graders will have the calm and organized space they deserve!"

Wish Amount: $239.45

2024 CW Farnsworth Middle Smith

Date: April 2024

School: Farnsworth Middle School

Wish Delivered: Mannequins and AED trainers

Teacher Joshua Smith says "If I have 6 adult mannequins, 4 infant mannequins and AED trainers, I can start certifying students in CPR through the American Heart Association while they're in my class, "Outdoor Survival." I currently certify students in "Stop the Bleed." Students do really well with the hands on instruction and direct applicability. We have an AED in our school, but most students have no idea where it is or how to use it. I've also found that learning first aid opens students' minds to first responder careers."

Wish Amount: $2,292.00

2024 CW Glenns Ferry Elementary Hill

Date: April 2024

School: Glenns Ferry Elementary School

Wish Delivered: Seating and name tags

Teacher Amy Hill says "I am writing to request funding for alternative seating options for the students in my second grade classroom. As an educator, I understand the importance of creating a conducive learning environment that meets the diverse needs of all our students. I believe that providing alternative seating options will have a positive impact on my students' focus, engagement, and overall well-being. I am also asking for some name tags for my students’ desks. These particular name tags have a lot of information that my students use daily. There is a number line, hundreds chart, cursive alphabet, place value, and shapes. My students use their name tags daily in math. I am committed to providing the best possible learning environment for our students, and I believe that alternative seating options will play a crucial role in achieving this goal."

Wish Amount: $575.85

2024 CW Bliss High School Jessup

Date: April 2024

School: Bliss High School

Wish Delivered: Computer, camera equipment, and lighting equipment

Teacher Tyler Jessup says "I'm striving to get a photography and drama program going. We've pieced together old, used cameras and a mishmash of sound equipment, but we need more to pull off productions for our audiences to be able to see and hear. Our stage doubles as our gym. The lighting is bad and we need the spots to help illuminate our plays. The camera equipment will help us create images of our production and help students gain a photographer's eye. The computer is needed to edit and process images and videos from both the photography students and drama productions. We are a rural school and our students do not have much in the way of opportunity."

Wish Amount: $3,130.93

2024 CW Arco Elementary Wight

Date: April 2024

School: Arco Elementary School

Wish Delivered: CD Players, Audio Books, and Chairs

Teacher Tiffany Wight says "I have several students that struggle reading in my classroom. They are also easily overstimulated. The cd players, audio books and stadium chairs will allow them to have flexible seating in the classroom and have down-time while they work on their listening comprehension skills, and also listen to a variety of stories. We also have these physical books in the classroom or school library, so they can follow along while it's read aloud. They enjoy listening to audiobooks, but I have 18 students and only $250 per year for my class that is supposed to cover art supplies, snacks, and classroom activities."

Wish Amount: $688.26

Travis Jensen

Patricia Mallon

Scratch for Schools Results for Twin Falls


TWIN FALLS, Idaho – Here are the final, official results from the Idaho Lottery’s Scratch for Schools event held today at the College of Southern Idaho in Twin Falls.

The fastest scratching school was Gooding High School who scratched all 200 tickets in the five-minute round. Dworkshak Elementary won the final round and claimed $667.

North Valley Academy and White Pine Elementary were the big winners, each winning $767.

There were 71 schools who participated.

Total prize amounts awarded this evening were $24,531.


Scratch for Schools Results for Idaho Falls


IDAHO FALLS, Idaho – Here are the final, official results from the Idaho Lottery’s Scratch for Schools event held today at Idaho State University in Idaho Falls.

The fastest scratching schools were Lindy Ross Elementary, Linden Park Elementary, and Discovery Elementary Schools who scratched all 200 tickets in the five-minute round.

Tiebreaker Elementary was the big winner, winning $777.

There were 55 schools who participated.

Total prize amounts awarded this evening were $18,778.


Lakshmi Kodial

2024 CW Ellis Elementary School Hall

Date: April 2024

School: Ellis Elementary School

Wish Delivered: Multisensory tools/materials

Teacher Elizabeth Hall says "This is my second year teaching kindergarten. In an optimal setting, these supplies would be standard. However, we all know schools have budgets. Last year I did not know much about how to teach phonics and phonemic awareness, and they ARE very different. I didn't want to go into this year by not having all the training I needed in order to not "fail" my kindergarteners (ensure that they ALL had the tools and knowledge they needed to be successful next year) or my three young kids (one of them a kindergartener this year) at home, so I took extra training during the summer to learn more. What I learned is that I need to include more interactive multisensory strategies, and that there are tools to help me do this."

Wish Amount: $2,052.12

2024 CW Ellis Elementary Graham

Date: April 2024

School: Ellis Elementary School

Wish Delivered: Chair pockets

Teacher MaryLynn Graham says "These chair pockets help my students keep their desks more organized. If they have larger library books, it helps with the wear and tear on the book so that it is not placed in their desk with all of their other school supplies. It especially helps students with poor organization skills and messy desks because the most important items are stored in the pocket on the back of the chair. I started using them this year (because I don't have individual cubbies) and they have really helped the students be able to find things more quickly and maintain a tidier, more organized work area."

Wish Amount: $142.00

2024 CW Ellis Elementary Burrell

Date: April 2024

School: Ellis Elementary School

Wish Delivered: Pencil grips, chair bands, and wiggle seat cushions

Teacher Mandi Burrell says "I have taught for almost 2 decades and I am noticing that students are less engaged and more squirrely. I have a high quantity that are diagnosed with ADHD and need something to help them stay on task. The pencil grips, chair bands and wiggle seat cushions are all for the purpose of ensuring safety, calmness and learning in my classroom. In addition to handwriting posture with the pencil grips the seat cushions help students sit in different positions all while maintaining engagement without distraction."

Wish Amount: $73.37

Leterre De Carvalho Junior

Scratch for Schools Results for Pocatello


POCATELLO, Idaho – Here are the final, official results from the Idaho Lottery’s Scratch for Schools event held today at Idaho State University in Pocatello.

The fastest scratching school was Lewis and Clark Elementary School from Pocatello who scratched 199 tickets in the five-minute round. They were also the big winner, winning $967.

There were 49 schools who participated.

Total prize amounts awarded this evening were $17,304.


Scratch for Schools Results for Boise


BOISE, Idaho – Here are the final, official results from the Idaho Lottery’s Scratch for Schools event held today at Expo Idaho in Boise.

The fastest scratching school was Seven Oaks Elementary School who scratched 195 tickets in the five-minute round. Timberline and North Jr High were the big winners, each winning $767.

There were 69 schools who participated.

Total prize amounts awarded this evening were $24,093.


Scott Burney

Brandon Fry

Kim Basye

2024 CW Wilson Elementary Canyon Springs Farrell

Date: March 2024

School: Wilson Elementary School/Canyon Springs High School

Wish Delivered: Pantry Storage

Teacher Melanie Farrell says "The focus of this grant proposal is to fortify our pantry's infrastructure by investing in storage and organizational accessories. With an allocation of approximately $600, we aim to optimize the layout and accessibility of the pantry, ensuring that families can navigate the space with ease and dignity. By purchasing shelves, bins, and other storage solutions, we intend to streamline inventory management, enhance visibility of available items, and create a welcoming environment conducive to empowerment and self-sufficiency."

Wish Amount: $587.12

Clifford Keith

Jesse Mason

2024 LYS Lakeland Middle Crawford

March 2024
Lakeland Middle School, Rathdrum
Donated By: Trent Crawford

Teresa Barney

Scratch for Schools Results for Sandpoint


SANDPOINT, Idaho – Here are the final, official results from the Idaho Lottery’s Scratch for Schools event held today at the Best Western Ponderay Mountain Lodge in Ponderay.

The fastest scratching school was Naples Elementary School who scratched 199 tickets in the five-minute round. Sandpoint High School won $867 won.

There were 17 schools who participated.

Total prize amounts awarded this evening were $5,983.


Jennifer Burgess

Maurice Foye

John Spahic

James Warrach Iii

Scratch for Schools Results for Lewiston


LEWISTON, Idaho – Here are the final, official results from the Idaho Lottery’s Scratch for Schools event held today at LCSC in Lewiston.

The fastest scratching schools were the Nez Perce School District and Prairie Jr/Sr High from Cottonwood who both scratched all of the 200 tickets in the five-minute round. Nez Perce won $502 and Prairie High won $515.

Troy Jr/Sr High and Deary Elementary both won $767. There were 37 schools who participated.

Total prize amounts awarded this evening were $13,098.


Jason Heidemann

Catherine Hicks

Idaho Lottery Commission Approves Issuing Advertising Creative Services Request for Proposal


BOISE, Idaho – During their regularly scheduled meeting on Thursday, March 7, 2024, the Idaho Lottery Commission approved formally issuing a Request for Proposal for bids from responsible, responsive, and experienced advertising and marketing firms interested in providing advertising creative services.

“As a government agency, we responsibly examine the way we do business. While we are grateful to the incumbent, Boise-based CLM Northwest, for their fine work on behalf of the Idaho Lottery, our commitment to good government and transparency requires examining our out-sourced, contracted services,” said Jeff Anderson, Idaho Lottery Director. “With a contract of this size and importance, it is important for us to do our due diligence and examine all opportunities.”

Qualified advertising and marketing respondents to the RFP have until 5:00 p.m. Mountain Time on Friday, April 12, 2024 to provide the Idaho Lottery with written proposal submissions. A copy of the Creative Services RFP may be downloaded from the Idaho Lottery’s website at https://www.idaholottery.com/p...

The Idaho Lottery was created in 1989 and during its 35-year history, all advertising and marketing services contracts have been managed by agencies with a presence in Idaho.

“From the advertising agencies to the production houses to talent, we are proud to source our advertising contract work with Idaho companies and talent whenever possible,” added Anderson.


The Idaho Lottery responsibly provides a variety of entertaining games featuring Powerball, Mega Millions, Scratch GamesTM, and PullTabs with a high degree of integrity to maximize the dividend for Idaho public schools and the permanent building fund. Since their inception in 1989, the Idaho Lottery has sold over $5.4 billion in products, awarded more than $3.1 billion in prizes to players, returned $317 million in retail commissions, and distributed $1.189 billion in Lottery dividends to Idaho public schools and buildings. To learn more, please visit www.idaholottery.com.

2024 CW North Star Public Charter Galloway

Date: March 2024

School: North Star Public Charter School

Wish Delivered: Sinks

Teacher Michelle Galloway says "Because of growth, my science classroom is in a dry room (no access to water). This will help me continue to offer chemistry labs to my students which require access to water. Right now I am using bowls and pitchers which can spill causing an unsafe environment."

Wish Amount: $2,758.06

35th Anniversary Cake Event Table

Date: Winner: City: Amount Won:
July 19, 2024 Evan Crawford Boise TBD
July 19, 2024 Ron Cook Boise TBD
July 19, 2024 TBD TBD TBD
July 19, 2024 TBD TBD TBD
July 19, 2024 TBD TBD TBD

Robert Carr

Megan Aldrich

Scratch for Schools Results for Nampa


Scratch for Schools Results for Nampa

BOISE, Idaho – Here are the final, official results from the Idaho Lottery’s Scratch for Schools event held today at the Ford Idaho Center in Nampa.

The fastest scratching school was Bruneau Elementary School from Breneau who scratched all of the 200 tickets in the five-minute round. They won $462.

Mosaics in Education Public School from Nampa was the big winner claiming $1,167. There were 92 schools who participated.

Total prize amounts awarded this evening were $31,387.


Huyen Dang

Timothy Christensen

2024 CW East Canyon Sharer

Date: March 2024

School: East Canyon Elementary

Wish Delivered: Books & Supplies

Teacher Jennifer Sharer says "I am looking to increase my effectiveness at the upper elementary level. I'm currently teaching 4th grade and need to up my game. I have spent most of my teaching career (25 years) in the primary grades or as a literacy specialist. Being back in the classroom with older kids means I need more (up to date) chapter books in my classroom library. I have included several book sets that represent the needs and interests of my students. One boy consistently writes his name in Greek - he would be thrilled if we got the Percy Jackson series in our classroom and could read about his passion for Greek mythology! Several items on my list will help me address the students who are struggling with reading. I am adept at providing interventions at skill specific levels for primary students and would love to have more resources for meeting the needs of older students."

Wish Amount: $894.42

35 Anniversary Winners Table

Date: Winner: City: Jackpot Amount Won:
March 1, 2024 Dennis Steed Pocatello $57,004
April 1, 2024 Nick Fell Idaho Falls $114,500
May 1, 2024 TBD TBD TBD
June 1, 2024 TBD TBD TBD
July 1, 2024 TBD TBD TBD
August 1, 2024 TBD TBD TBD

2024 CW Ustick Elementary Bradley

Date: March 2024

School: Ustick Elementary School

Wish Delivered: Snow equipment

Teacher Jackie Bradley says "When it snows our custodian is at our school early to get a head start on making our walkways safe. With a shovel and a small ice melt spreader he sets about his full day with our safety as a priority...The custodians at our school are amazing hard workers with a lot of responsibilities. They are usually pulled away from their list of ‘to-dos’ to help with the inevitable emergency clean up that comes with our 400 students and staff. They have a positive attitude every time!...We hope to help give “back” to our custodians by purchasing an electric snow blower, a larger salt spreader and a shovel with wheels. Having a wide snowblower and spreader will save our custodians the time and energy they need to get through a day of lists and accident clean up."

Wish Amount: $1,007.00

2024 CW Centennial High Young

Date: March 2024

School: Centennial High School

Wish Delivered: Books, supplies, & camera

Teacher Katie Young says "These items will help our students retain their knowledge and ability to communicate in American Sign Language. The games are great for reviewing with partners or groups in the target language. Students will be able to record their stories in ASL using the video camera. I would like to have a Cricut machine and items to print more ASL resources that are not available online. I am in desperate need of dry markers. Crayola markers are for my use and the other dry expo markers are for the students' use. I also added a few children's books to teach Deaf culture for the students. Everything will be incorporated in American Sign Language and will be used often."

Wish Amount: $1,620.00

Panagiotis Tzavalas

Joe Schreiner

2024 Sawtooth Elementary Stephens

Date: February 2024

School: Sawtooth Elementary School

Wish Delivered: Books

Teacher Emily Stephens says "Our grade level is participating in a picture book tournament unit called March Book Madness during March and April. We will be reading 16 picture books from a variety of genres to our classes, and reviewing key reading skills during each round until we have our very own book championship! This unit gets 2nd graders enthusiastic about reading, exposes them to a variety of genres, and adds to our classroom library for years to come. The cost of books adds up, especially when multiple classrooms are needing new books!"

Wish Amount: $420.00

Travis Buffi

Cheryl McCallister

2024 CW Mary McPherson Steiner

Date: February 2024

School: Mary McPherson Elementary

Wish Delivered: Listening center

Teacher Dusti Steiner says "My idea for this project is to create a listening center! Our reading curriculum does not have a listening component, and I would like to provide more opportunities for students to listen to stories to build comprehension. Several of my students are new to the United States this year and only speak their home language. Being able to listen to stories in Spanish or hearing my recorded voice on a Creative Tonie will give them another chance to be immersed in English. Included in my Wishlist are Tonieboxes and Tonies (audio books), headphones, headphone splitters so students can work together and listen, organizers for the headphones and Tonie supplies, as well as a laptop charging cart so students have laptops ready to go and can record themselves reading! As a new to 2nd grade teacher, this would really help my classroom and my amazing students for years to come!."

Wish Amount: $1,563.53

2024 CW Lewis and Clark Smith

Date: February 2024

School: Lewis and Clark Elementary

Wish Delivered: Games, tools, supplies, and books

Teacher Emily Smith says "I am seeking support to enhance the learning environment in our newly formed developmental kindergarten classroom, which caters to a diverse group of learners. Our goal of the developmental kindergarten is to create an inclusive and stimulating space that fosters the holistic development of each child. After running this class for 5 months, we have discovered the most appropriate and useful materials and supplies... These materials will not only support the academic growth of our students but also contribute to the creation of an inclusive and nurturing environment. We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to learn and thrive, regardless of their background or abilities. The requested wishlist will directly impact the success of our developmental kindergarten program and empower our school to provide a well-rounded education to our diverse student body."

Wish Amount: $2,680

Jeff Evans

Ray Bachman

2024 CW Shoshone Elementary Platz

Date: February 2024

School: Shoshone Elementary

Wish Delivered: Writing Program

Teacher Jandi Platz says "This writing program will greatly impact the students in my classroom. The writing curriculum that is currently being used in the classroom is far too advanced for the level of writing that my students are at. I teach at a Title 1 school with a high ELL population. I need to be able to meet students where they are at with their writing skills and support them to develop those skills. I feel that this program will help me to do that. On the other end of the spectrum, I have some advanced writers. I can easily differentiate this program to further support their writing skills too."

Wish Amount: $1,158

Kristine Lawson

Josephine Garcia

Jose Ceja

Katherine Chacon

Janis Benjamin

2024 CW Birch Elementary Nunez

Date: January 2024

School: Birch Elementary

Wish Delivered: Books

Teacher Kari Nunez says "As a fourth grade teacher, it is my job to teach students to use comprehension strategies to understand grade level text. My goal is to use highly engaging stories to make students into lifelong readers and learners. If I were to get this Wishlist fulfilled, I would share these books with the four other 4th grade teachers at my school for students to use for many years to come. I teach in a title 1 school and many students come from families where money is used to provide basic needs. Access to books is limited to what I have in my classroom and the two books that they can check out from the school library. The best part of my day is listening to students read and share their ideas about what we are reading"

Wish Amount: $1,012.80

Dan Taylor

2024 LYS Central Elementary Wilcox

February 2024
Central Elementary School, Nampa
Donated By: Michael Wilcox

2024 CW Sawtooth Rios

Date: January 2024

School: Sawtooth Elementary School

Wish Delivered: Accelerated Reading Program

Teacher Mary Rios says " Creating a culture of reading in my classroom, along with the other seven educators at my school, is top priority. This program promotes the power of choice, by allowing the students to choose a book of their liking out of 220,000 different books. They can read these books at home and at school. The overall goal is to promote reading, in which they will be doing the rest of their life. This program allows students to set goals based on their current reading levels, and the students take quizzes on the books that they have read, in order to earn points."

Wish Amount: $3,217.53

2024 CW I.B. Perrine Elementary Sackmaster

Date: January 2024

School: I.B. Perrine Elementary 

Wish Delivered: School Supplies & Seating

Teacher Leslie Sackmaster says "I teach STEM and social emotional learning in the Learning Lab. I have students from K all through 5th grade. There is no budget set aside for my class and I am forced to buy all supplies myself. The students could really use crayons, colored pencils, and markers for day to day use. The Julia Cook books are amazing for teaching the social emotional lessons I am trying to teach. Our littles have trouble sitting still quite a bit so alternative seating is a big deal and having these choices would definitely help keep their focus on the tasks at hand."

Wish Amount: $1,357.86

Stephen Gregoire

James Trujillo

2023 CW Hayden Canyon Charter Sanford

Date: January 2024

School: Hayden Canyon Charter

Wish Delivered: Digital Cameras and case

Teacher Leora Sanford says "We are school who does a lot of outdoor education and project-based learning. This past fall, in Science, we had to use our 5 Ipads to take photos of local ecosystems and interactions of species in the forest to collect data, but the Ipads are not compatible with our Chromebooks so transferring the images was very challenging and time-consuming, and the quality of the images didn't allow for us to identify the local species adequately. We were also limited on the number of Ipads that students could use; 5 made it a challenge for all 28 students to document their own data."

Wish Amount: $5,801.84

2023 CW Priest River Lamana High School Colombini

Date: January 2024

School: Priest River Lamana High School

Wish Delivered: Science Department Supplies

Teacher Kimberly Colombini says " As Forensics is a relatively new class, many of the most basic items for crime scene recreation and evaluation are in the highest need of materials. For Biology, our students have found an interest in microscopic objects, with this wishlist our students would be able to incorporate new microscope slides into the pre-existing bank of interesting items to observe. Some of which include frog skin slides, basswood root slides, staphylococcus slides, and amphiuma liver slides. A lab that tends to stick in my sophomore student's memory is our collection and evaluation of our school pond. We use gloves, syringes, and micropipettes to collect and look at the microorganisms living on campus. As you can see, not only do these supplies aid in educating our youth, they also contribute to the fun and entertainment of engaging and participating in school."

Wish Amount: $5,144.85

2023 CW Washington Elementary Reikowsky

Date: January 2024

School: Washington Elementary 

Wish Delivered: Science Books

Teacher Hallie Reikowsky says " We would like to build a unique library to access information including ecology, biology, civic leadership, forestry, and many other scientific branches. Students will engage in group research projects and present information on a chosen outdoor leader. The research will be presented in the form of a “wax museum” where one student pretends to be a wax statue based on the person they study, and the other students walk around the “museum” and push “buttons” by each “statue”- making it come alive to report their personal history as a leader in our nation! The books proposed will also be utilized for early learner literacy skills including retelling stories and topics with our much loved puppets! We hope to begin this project after this coming Winter Break."

Wish Amount: $625.14

2023 CW Sandpoint Hight School Sletager

Date: January 2024

School: Sandpoint High School

Wish Delivered: Basic Supplies

Teacher Allison Sletagers says "I have students in freshman English, Pre-AP, and AP Literature and Composition (seniors). My Wishlist includes some basic classroom materials that I go through quickly, but it also includes a long list of books that I would love to have in my classroom. I am currently trying to create a classroom library. Because we are in a small town we only have our school library and our one public library for our students to check out novels from. Sadly, our school library has not updated its selection of novels for quite some time. This makes it difficult for students to find novels to read without having to purchase them. I want to create a classroom library so that students can check out novels directly from me. I am hoping to instill a love of learning and reading in my students. I would love to have novels readily available to them.”

Wish Amount: $706.37

2023 CW Sandpoint High School Dickinson

Date: January 2024

School: Sandpoint High School

Wish Delivered: Tech Update

Teacher Derek Dickinson says "currently the library is a ghost town of wasted space basically used for storing textbooks. So far this year, I have been working hard to weed out books and to problem solve different storage solutions for our many textbooks we have. As space starts to open up, I want to start adding items which will appeal to students and get kids in this great space. Technology is proven to help engage students in the classroom, so why not use technology to draw students in the library. I have chosen a few items which can help get us started. A smart TV and cart to allow the flexibility to move it around for use throughout the library. How cool would it be to live stream events or find educational programs programs for students to view?"

Wish Amount: $2,346.36

Something is Cooking in Middleton

On a cold, drizzly, January afternoon, the Idaho Lottery made a special Classroom Wishlist visit to Middleton Middle School to Anne Gigray-Kinley’s Food and Finance class. Her successful program serves up practical life skills and culinary delights for 400-500 students each year.

Given the popularity of the class, it was no surprise that her four fully working kitchens were starting to show their age.

“A lot of our equipment, especially the stoves, are starting to show their wear and tear. The stoves don’t balance evenly and many of them do not heat up correctly,” said Anne when she received her award.

The Idaho Lottery jump-started her replacement needs, and wish list items, to the tune of $6,200 worth of new cooking equipment, cake pans, and four brand-new stoves. The ceremony turned into something more like a delayed Christmas as the students ripped open a dozen over-sized Wooh! boxes with cooking equipment. New knife sets, air fryers, measuring cups, and other essential cooking utensils were provided – all in time for the start of their third trimester of school and the spring cake bake off competition at the school.

But it would not have been possible without the support from the Idaho Lottery.

“There are some things I would have ended up having to purchase myself,” added Anne. “Thank you, so, so much. The day I got the email saying I’d gotten this award, I was like, “Wooh!’, oh my gosh. It’s the answer to everything. I truly, truly appreciate the Idaho Lottery for coming to Middleton Middle School and helping support all the things are kids are doing.”

Anne, you’re welcome. Can we be invited back to judge the cake baking competition in the spring?

The Idaho Lottery invites all teachers across the Gem State to visit the Classroom Wishlist program website.

2023 CW Middleton Middle School Kinley

Date: January 2024

School: Middleton Middle School

Wish Delivered: School Foods and Finance Class Supplies

Teacher Anne Gigray Kinley says "I have been teaching Culinary Arts, sewing and Finance to approximately 400-500 7th and 8th graders every year for the past 5 years. This program has grown tremendously in need and student popularity. I operate on a very limited budget. The budget I am given barely provides the money to purchase the food items needed for the cooking labs to take place for students. For the program to grow I have relied on getting "creative" to find extra funds to purchase the items needed for the cooking and teaching of finance. We are desperately in need of kitchen remodels for all 3 kitchens that I have, but I know that will be terribly pricey ($80-$100K)... In the mean time I am looking for other ways to help continue to grow the program and keep things up to date in my kitchens. In my district, sadly, there are not other funding sources besides finding grants to write... If this grant were to be funded it would help improve the current program and give us a little breathing room to wait and look for funding sources to do the kitchen remodels. We love to show off all our hard work. These students would definitely put all items on this list to good use right away as soon as items were to be received. We would love to have a way to share/show you all that we are doing with these amazing gifts!"

Wish Amount: $6,200

Brandi Robinette

2023 CW Frontier Elementary Knam

Date: January 2024

School: Frontier Elementary

Wish Delivered: Book Repair Machine

Librarian Carolyn Knam says “In an aging library and with little money to replace books, repairing books is sometimes the only option I have to ensure our students are reading what they like to read. When I glue books back together with book glue, after the pages fall out, it usually takes a few days to dry and most times there will be more than one repair for that book. By the time I can get it to the student after the repair, they have lost interest, or moved on to something else. Often that popular book makes a difference whether a student reads what they check out.
A Cover One machine would help reduce repair time and allow our library books, whose spines need repair, to be fixed quickly. This will get books back in the hands of our students faster and keep them reading.”

Wish Amount: $1,877.98

2023 CW Hawthorne Elementary Tilley

Date: January 2024

School: Hawthorne Elementary

Wish Delivered: 3D Printer, string lights and WIFI speaker

Teacher David Tilley says "The primary goal of this project is to enhance the learning environment in our special education classroom by introducing modern technology that fosters creativity, problem-solving skills, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education. Due to behaviors driven by disability, many of our students do not have access to the general education environment where they would be exposed to this technology. The secondary goal of this project is to enhance the classroom’s atmosphere. Our special education classroom serves a diverse group of students with varying emotional and sensory sensitivities. To better meet their needs and promote engagement and comfort, the use of colored lights and a more flexible sound system can help meet that need."

Wish Amount: $523

James Hinkle Jr

Brenda Hinkle

2023 CW Wendell Elementary Chapman

Date: January 2024

School: Wendell Elementary

Wish Delivered: Books

Books for Paula Chapman. Teachers are reading books related to a monthly social emotional theme like: empathy, friendship, respect, etc.. Students also do other activities related to the character word like writing, art, and discussions.

Wish Amount: $2,205.25

2023 CW Mountain Valley Elementary Marshall

Date: January 2024

School: Mountain Valley Elementary 

Wish Delivered: Phonics Reader sets

Teacher Courtney Marshell says "The decodables I am requesting are highly engaging, fun stories that correlate with the phonics skills students need to learn in order to read. Every first grade teacher (there are 3 classrooms with 20 students each, this year) will be able to use these decodables within their classrooms every week. Not only will this impact the entire first grade, but kindergarten through third grade students can also benefit from using these books when working within reading intervention groups. Students receive phonics instruction all the way through third grade, and none of these grade levels have decodable readers that align with phonics instruction."

Wish Amount: $6,640.20

January 2, 2024 Commission Meeting Minutes

November 16, 2023 Commission Meeting Minutes

2023 CW Twin Falls High School Nielson

Date: January 2024

School: Twin Falls High School

Wish Delivered: Folding Chairs with tablet arm

Teacher Brittany Nielson says " My current desk chairs are getting to the point that students are asking to trade seats and hoping the seat they are trading for isn't ruined as well. My current desk chairs are over 20 years old and the desk parts tip so far in that students can't comfortably write or type on their Chromebook. As a theater teacher, I need the freedom that desk chairs like this provide to move chairs easily to make space for performances, but we do more than perform. Students need a comfortable place to work."

Wish Amount: $1,740.20

Anne Drake

Tony Sonephathoum

Kerry Howard

Dispenser Inventory TMB

LCMB-30 5 wide x 6 tall Black lighted TMB

Andrew Nachman

McCall Man Claims $1,000,000 Raffle Prize


BOISE, Idaho – The first million-dollar winner from the Idaho Lottery’s $1,000,000 Raffle was claimed by long-time McCall resident, Andrew Nachman.

“My family and I had been on vacation and I was just sitting down for a video conference call for work when I saw the ticket on my desk. It was three minutes to the call, so I checked it. When it said it was the million-dollar winner, I was convinced I had entered the number wrong,” described Nachman on discovering he had a big winning ticket. “I ran downstairs and gave the ticket to my wife for her to check and then call the Lottery office. Right in the middle of my video conference call, she sends me a text that said, ‘I’m sorry to inform you’ and then there was a long pause between texts…’but it is confirmed!’ It was really hard to hide my excitement on the call.”

Nachman bought his winning ticket from the Maverik in McCall. For selling the winning ticket, Maverik receives $20,000 from the Idaho Lottery. Nachman plans to put the winnings toward his children’s college education.

This year’s Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle sold 450,000 tickets in just 36 days and offered two, one-million-dollar top prizes. The second million-dollar prize remains unclaimed. That winning ticket was sold at an Idaho Lottery retail location in Benewah County. The Idaho Lottery has not been contacted by the winner holding ticket 091588.

The Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle generated more than $1,500,000 in dividend revenue to benefit Idaho public schools and buildings this year.


The Idaho Lottery responsibly provides a variety of entertaining games featuring Powerball, Mega Millions, Scratch GamesTM, and PullTabs with a high degree of integrity to maximize the dividend for Idaho public schools and the permanent building fund. Since their inception in 1989, the Idaho Lottery has sold over $5.4 billion in products, awarded more than $3.1 billion in prizes to players, returned $317 million in retail commissions, and distributed $1.189 billion in Lottery dividends to Idaho public schools and buildings. To learn more, please visit www.idaholottery.com.

James Guinn

Alexander Kerns

“Youda Best,” Sweethearts

Sweethearts, the beloved, heart-shaped candy brand best associated with Valentine’s Day is back for a second year as the theme for this year’s Idaho Lottery Scratch Game.

For more than a century, the iconic Sweethearts brand and its conversational candies have been adored by generations with its original sayings centering around love and caring which are refreshed each year. The Idaho Lottery was the first Lottery in the world to feature these fun Sweethearts Valentine treats on a Scratch Game last year, and like the candies themselves, the game proved so popular it is making a return.

“Almost everyone grew up with Sweethearts on Valentine’s Day,” said Jeff Anderson, Idaho Lottery Director. “The nostalgia of this classic candy has become a natural choice as the backdrop for our Valentine’s Scratch Game. And winning up to $50,000 gives great new meaning to the phrase, “Youda Best.”

This $5 Scratch Game comes with 9 different scenes that include a classic list of the romantic phrases found on the delectable heart-shaped treats, like “My Hero”, “Sugar Pie”, “Pick Me”, and “Bear Hug.”

Sweethearts the Scratch Game went on sale in Idaho on December 28, 2023 and carries two sweet top prizes of $50,000.


Teachers, administrators, counselors, even lunch ladies make a difference every day for Idaho’s students. During January and early February, the Idaho Lottery will recognize 35 “School Heroes” with a Sweethearts prize package. Heroes will be chosen from nominations submitted to the Lottery and are not limited to teachers. Heroes could be any employee of a public school, aged 18 or older (Ex: Teachers, Aids, Librarians, Counselors, Janitors, etc.). To be selected, the nominator will complete a short form on who their hero is and what they mean to them. Nominations will be accepted from January 1st through January 31st, with deliveries made up until Valentine’s Day.

The selected “Heroes” will be recognized during a surprise ceremony at their school. Visit this site to nominate their “School Hero.”

Neuaone Vongthongchit

Michalene Hughes

Elma Clark

Charlie Duke

Jon Decker

2024 LYS New Plymouth Porath

January 2024
New Plymouth Elementary, New Plymouth
Donated By: Teresa Porath

Aubray Go