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returned to Idaho since 1989!


Pool Party

Idaho Lottery Group Play Program

Welcome to the Idaho Lottery Group Play Program or what we like to call a “Pool Party.” Come on, jump into the FUN! When you join with friends, family or co-workers to form an Idaho Lottery Pool Party, you share the excitement, AND the rewards.

How to get started
  1. Find people you would enjoy playing the Lottery with and ask them to be a part of your “Pool Party” group. Think about people in your office, bowling league, football team, neighborhood and Zumba class. Download the Pool Play Poster and Sign Up Sheet.
  2. Decide how your “Pool Party” group will be organized. Which Draw Games are you going to play? How much should each person contribute? Who will keep track of the money? Who will buy the tickets? Use the Shopping Simulator to determine your best strategy.
  3. Plan how to track payments and winning disbursements. Find a safe place to store money contributed by team members and use the Payment Calculator to calculate how to disburse winnings!
  4. Buy your tickets and imagine what you will all do with the money!