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$1,034,000,000 returned to Idaho since 1989! VIP Club

returned to Idaho since 1989!

  • $300,000

    Top Prize
  • $30

  • 1:2.99

    overall odds
  • 78.44%

click and hold your mouse over this image to scratch off the ticket.

This puts the razzle together with the dazzle and will light up the summer nights more than an entire pack of sparklers! You could win 100X the prize from this “Xtreme” game. The neon and the glitter bring the bling and the games deliver with great cash payouts, up to $300,000. This game will take playing to an “Xplosive” level of winning.

This is the big one! There are 30 chances to win in this $30 game and it comes with a top prize of $300,000! In the game, you receive seven WINNING NUMBERS and try to match them to any of the thirty YOUR NUMBERS underneath the bling-styled dollar signs. If you match the number, you win the prize shown for that number. If you uncover a 5X symbol, you win 5 times the prize. If you uncover a 10X symbol, you win 10 times the prize. If you reveal a 20X symbol, you win 20 times the prize. When you uncover a 50X symbol, you win 50 times the prize. For uncovering a 100X symbol, you win 100 times the prize shown! The game comes with a 71% prize payout and is loaded with $100 prizes. Plus, there are two $300,000 prizes in the game.


This game brings the bling to the “Xtreme”, up to 100X the prizes, 100X the fun. Try this game and the others from Multiplier Family of games this summer. It’s your ticket to fun, excitement and winning!

Number of Prizes Prize Amount Remaining Prizes Odds
$300,000 0 167118
$10,000 0 167118
$5,000 0 66847
$1,000 4 13926
$500 86 972
$300 1062 70
$100 3629 20
$50 7689 9
$30 12083 6

*Real time data on prizes below $25 are not available.

All tickets, transactions, and winners are subject to Lottery Rules and State Law. Prizes must be claimed within 180 days after the official end of game. Persons altering tickets are subject to prosecution. You must be at least 18 years old to purchase a ticket.

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