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returned to Idaho since 1989!


Classroom Wish Lists

Paul Elementary

Drawstring Bags

When students started learning remotely almost two months ago, they didn't expect that was how they'd finish the year! Personal items were left behind. Paul Elementary School wants to make sure students can retrieve their items without having to go into the classrooms. Their wishlist is for 600 drawstring bags so teachers can pack up the students' things without them having to come in contact with large groups. 

Pioneer Primary School


From Pioneer Primary Teacher Veronica Hernandez: I wanted to provide something meaningful to my students in extension to my distance learning online butterfly unit. I am so very truly grateful to the VIP Club members for helping bring smiles to my student's faces! I would not have been able to extend a hands-on activity to my students through this distance learning without the cup of caterpillars for each student. When I delivered them to my kiddos, it made my heart so happy to see their bright smiles when they received them. My goal was to ensure each of my students would remember this time for something great and positive! Thanks again for all of your support!

Grangeville Elementary

Sunflower Seeds and Supplies to Plant Them

Said Grangeville teacher Teresa Gorges, "As part of my distance teaching, I zoom daily with my class (and record it for those that can't make it) and read our focus book aloud on zoom. The experience is greatly enhanced if they have the book to follow along and read with me. If they were able to plant their own seed and take care of the plant, the "doing" part can help them understand and internalize the process of the life cycle."

Prairie Palouse Charter School

The Kids Book of Paper Love and Supplies

While students are stuck inside, Prairie Palouse Charter School teacher Rebekka Boysen-Taylor wants to give her middle-schoolers a creative outlet! 

With the Kid's Book of Paper Love, her students will be able to do dozens of paper-based craft projects as well as complete a letter-writing project.

Says Boysen-Taylor, "This will be a great resource to help our middle school students express themselves artistically, document their experiences during social isolation, and connect with family, friends, and community members via good old fashioned snail mail."